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Purchasing *conditions, T&C's etc

Purchasing *conditions, T&C's etc

Why so many *conditions all the time on puchases? Can't I buy something without having to read those tiny print *conditions being applicable. 

This is out of control world wide and is killing of purchases, this makes us feel like businesses (generalised) don't want our money that we work hard for unless we jump through many hoops, and with such small disposable incomes available now customers will just not bother, stop buying and go without, especially from small rural towns like myself or start importing directly.

Yes we will sell that item but only if these conditions are applied, no this, no that, extra charge for this, extra charge for that, only available on Mondays.. WTF business owners!!!

Nice marketing idea for 'business name here', we have no *conditions we keep buying simple!!

Sorry for the rant, but it is true *conditions are making it too hard to do business even face to face in stores.

Blame for favorite lawyer...
Or rather, whoever hired that lawyer to sue.
Some one does something stupid and then a slew of laws ensue...

Isn't it always about money though in the end. I would like to be able for once to buy something without all these *conditions signage and crap.

Maybe I need to start putting my own *conditions on my purchases such as *condition. I do not pay freight, you do.

Wonder what they would say to that, lol

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