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Hello from Tyne and Wear UK.

Hi guys, I'm an old but new member.

I'm in 50's haven't raced a slot in like 30 years.

Was sorting through my loft getting ready to move, when I stumbled across my old analogue Scalextric sets/cars and accessories.
Promised my wife I was going to sell the lot.

2 Days later I'm looking at parts for the cars I have, and how to bring my track etc. up to good working order.
I'm also looking at new cars (amazed with how much detail there is on them now)

Ive promised my wife I'll sort some of my stuff out ( we'll see  Devil  )

Any advice and help is more than welcome, but be kind guys.
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Welcome back to the hobby and welcome aboard. Wavegreen 

Our manual LINK  is always a good place to start and the knowledgable people on the forum will be pleased to answer any questions you may have.
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Welcome to SlotRacer Snakedoctor Wavegreen 

The most important advice is... when it comes to slot cars, don't promise your wife anything Sun 

As Brian said, the SlotRacer's Manual is a perfect place to start.

Whether you stick with the older Classic track (it's still pretty popular), update to Scalextric Sport, look at digital or go with another brand - we're here to help.
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Many thanks for the welcome and advice.
The Slot Racer manual looks brilliant and will definitely be getting used.
At the minute I can only go of my old racer magazines from 97.

Where is the best place to get spare parts from?
Looking for tyres, wing mirrors and windscreens at the minute.

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Hi Snakedoctor,

Welcome here at Slotracer. Wavegreen

This is what happened to me:
My wife is not at all interested in cars, but she likes the way I create my tracks.
When we bought our house, only the attic was reserved for the placement of a race track.
After the finishing of that (Scalextric) track, she also liked my idea of an MDF racetrack in the garage.
The only restriction I got from her was no race track in the living room, kitchen and bedrooms.
But when it got too cold in the garage, I was allowed to continue working on "Flat Over Crest" in the living room.
Maybe your wife will change her mind when she sees that our hobby is so much more than adult men playing with toy cars.

You may not believe me, while I was writing this, she read this and could really laugh about it. Sun
Conclusion: Never give up, there is always hope.

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Difficult not to end up at one of these at some point here in the UK...

And for small bits...

I love puttering with gears
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If you need repro parts for older Scalextric cars:
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Here is another site that sells Scalextric parts:
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Two good sources of replacement Scalextric tyres are:

RS Slotracing


Repro and secondhand parts to restore old cars are often quite expensive and you can end up spending more than the original car is worth. If you are going to race them then I wouldn't bother replacing small parts such as wing mirrors because they are bound to get broken in use.
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Hello SnakeDoctor, greetings from Edinburgh.
Wives like us to be busy so if yours sees you busy with slot-car stuff she will not have to worry about giving you tasks to do - although those will still crop up now and again.


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