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All time favourite Current slot cars

Because I am a huge fan of Scott Pruett and Juan Pablo Montoya, this FLY flyers Riley MK XI is my current favorite. I want to get the car prepped and raced, but hate to think about putting it on the track. At the moment, it has a display place on my desk at work. One day it will make to the track.

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Favourite car has to be the latest addition to the fleet, doesn't it?

Not necessarily though. This is one of my favourites - my TycoPro Petty 'Tribute' car. An original collectors item goes in the region of $2500! This was done on a spare body and cost maybe $10 (£10 approx.) max. for paint and decals + £15 (at the time) for the body itself.

It's deliberately done on an updated version of the body so as not to be passed off as the real car. Manufacturing changes are a shallower front spoiler and cut away rear quarter panels to allow for racing with the faster 440X2 chassis on banked tracks.

However, this is mounted on an original Tycopro chassis, the 440X2 chassis going in the pit box.


Um? Current as 'in production'? No - but current favourite? ONE of them, yes, most definitely. (Quick check shows it qualifies as 'in production from '71 to '92' - and probably beyond, if I can find the update book.)
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Phew! Found the other reference book and that body was made from '71 through to '05.

Although we probably should have a similar thread in the HO section, here's another 1/64 scale beauty to share here...


It's the Tomy AFX Audi R10 TDI from the 2008 Le Mans 24 hours. The model was released in 2011 as an individual car on the Mega-G chassis. Remember, the car is a mere 7cms (less than 3-inches) long and is built to withstand a lot of hard knocks on (and off) the track.
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Good idea! Perhaps the Mods could move this to the HO section for us please?

Oh, I reckon keep 'em here - and we can start our own HO thread sometime soon Time 

But I'll post my current favourite 1/32 car too...


Favourite in what sense? I love the look of some cars, love the handling of others. Strangely one of my favourite cars you can't even buy a 1/32 version of, the Panamericana Studebaker's are lovely looking cars. UOP Shadow DN4 CanAm is another beauty. Lancia delta integrate, ac Cobra, works Healey,'s never ending.

I have a new favourite in the RTR class. Hope it counts as it's a hybrid and not exactly current (chassis is)!. Not that into dictionary definitions!!

Ninco Alfa 155 with a SlotiT RTR chassis kit. Bit quicker than the ProSlot 156s so I'll keep it for me to use against guests and tell them I'll run the older model to give them a chance Cool


My current favourite has to be  my Racer Sideways Group 5 Capri


On our technical digital SPORT track it absolutely flies.  The flat6 anglewinder is perfect for the blend of 5m straight and a wicked series of back-to-back R1 hairpins.  Enough grunt to get some serious speed on the straight but enough mid range control to be able to rescue slides and smoothly feed the power in out of hairpins and the R4 lead-in to the main straight.  The chassis is poised and the standard tyres offer fantastic grip (we run magless).

It is almost as fast as our LMP class (maybe 0.3s slower on a 7 second lap) but those ran stupid 25k King Evos and the like which induce lockjaw after 10 minutes of racing.  But the Capri, on the other hand, is actually enjoyable to drive and 15 minute heats fly by.

In the inevitable crashes the bodywork is surprisingly robust - it feels flimsy but it has taken some very hard knocks without damage.

I like this car a lot.
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Looks great, drives great. Now that's what it's all about   Thumbup

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