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All time favourite Current slot cars

I have always liked detail as well as performance. The blob bodies of yore leave me cold.

I know they can be pricey but Le Mans Miniature have always produced the most amazing cars:

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Very nice!

Do you race them, or are they shelf queens?

They get raced - but carefully Rofl  They are in a class of their own to be honest....

My all-time favourite is the Team-Slot Lancia Delta integrale, particularly the red ones that represent the car that won the 1989 San Remo Rallye.  These are simply beautiful despite their many shortcomings.  There is only one body style and it is a later version with specific differences/inaccuracies such as the frontage and a tailgate aerofoil.  Also, the front edge of the bonnet is not well reproduced and the undershield is poorly represented.
Nice mudflaps though!

<anorak>Previously and subsequently, the Martini sponsored cars were white but were changed to red with the zig-zag stripes for the last two rallies of 1989. In fact they only appeared at San Remo as Lancia withdrew from the UK event as they had already won the world championships</anorak>. 

The uniqueness of the 1989 San Remo Deltas means that they hold a special place in Lancia heritage <...aaaaah!>


In fact there is only the #1 car available (winner Miki Biasion), the #5 is re-branding job I did to represent the #5 car that Didier Auriol wrecked early in the event (before he wrecked it !).
The models have shaft driven four-wheel drive so are very noisey.


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What is your definition of a 'current' slot car please? I consider it to be one on sale within the last year and neither of those would qualify. Or am I missing something in the thread title and it should be 'current favourite  slot car of all time'? Sorry to be a grammar pedant but I spent nine years editing the NSCC magazine and it scarred me for life!

LOL Brian - I was not quite sure how to phrase it - I meant currently manufactured cars - so excluding vintage cars manufactured prior to 1970 or thereabouts :) Sun 

Leo - The Lancia Integrale has always been on my list of all time favourite cars - If I won the lottery Rofl   one would grance my then very large garage
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My favourite is probably the SCX Ford Escort MkII.

It's a great car to drive. Not the fastest, but a lot of fun.

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I have no choice. My favourite is the ProSlot Alfa156.

Two reasons. Firstly, it's an Alfa. This on its own should be enough.
Secondly, I own no other RTR slot cars (is this considered current enough?) These are here for guests to try and destroy. So far all three have broken guide holes bodged up with various materials!

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Love ALfa's - 2nd car I bought was a 1975 Alfa Guilia 1.6, and progressed onto a locally (RSA) made  (300 to be able to enter racing) 1983 Alfa GTV 3.0, with upgraded Carbs (6 Webers) blueprinted motor, lightened flywheel, Fibreglass bonnet and uprated brakes. That car flew. If I remember 1-100kms in 5.8secs - not bad for '83.
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A man of taste.

Alfa 1300 GT Junior - still my favourite, not fast but oh boy....the handling! My previous car was a Triumph GT6. The handling was just slightly better Bigsmile It didn't lift inside front wheels and waive the back one in the air too. I thought this was an advance.
Then...Alfetta 2 litre coupe
GTV6 - only the 2.5 litre version but sweet
GTa 1750 - the best but not quite as sweet as the 1300
Guilietta 2000 saloon
Alfa Sud 1500 Green Clover Leaf
and finally...... my receiver in bankruptcy allowed me a whole £500 for a car so I bought a clapped out 1300 Sud. Still the most fun to be had for that sort of money. Took me all over the UK and out to France. Finally fell victim to the Russian steel and the front parted company with the rest, fortunately not when I was driving it. Never had a moments trouble with it before that though.

Sadly, since then, it's been euroboxes of one kind or another. Peugeot 309GTi was quite good. Then given a mint Ford Sierra Estate to move out here with and now the bland Audi A4 as the Ford failed the modern emmisions test. Nowt wrong with it. I'll get another Alfa before I go, hopefully.

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