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Airfix Triumph TR4

Wanted to give scratch building a try after seeing so many amazing creations.  I had an Airfix triple set stashed away from many years ago so figured that would be as good of a place to start as any...  
I had a JS Chassis waiting in the wings for a metro; but, given it is pretty much the right wheelbase, I figured it could find it's way under the TR4.
[Image: 50798509023_70b492f260.jpg]Untitled
With a couple of small tweaks, it was almost as if this chassis was made for this...
[Image: 50798508993_aaa06dc4a9.jpg]Untitledr
I wanted to keep as much of the interior as possible; but due to the motor position, this wasn't really possible
[Image: 50799371912_a2e6b51dde.jpg]Untitled
Dash trimmed down, along with the door cards and rear bench/arches.  The plan is to make a basic interior (tops of seats/driver/co-pilot) that will slot in
[Image: 50798508968_3b155ff696.jpg]Untitled
Chassis all built up, and additional mounting post fabricated at the rear (from a trimmed down defunct carrera guide)
[Image: 50799372017_3543fbf484.jpg]Untitled
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Initial mock-up/test run:
[Image: 50798508948_6e4a152dce.jpg]Untitled
Was really pleased with how it handled and sat
Better crack on with some paint etc then:
[Image: 50799256291_27afd9e22a.jpg]Untitled
[Image: 50799371937_dc9932c65a.jpg]Untitled
[Image: 50798508983_53726aa12e.jpg]Untitled
[Image: 50799256206_2bf8f479d8.jpg]Untitled
[Image: 50798508918_769f65aa95.jpg]Untitled
[Image: 50799256051_5121332fc9.jpg]Untitled
Decals and interior to go.  Bumpers will not be going on as I'm going for a works team rally car look.  Very pleased with how it handles
[Image: 50799371802_8da3269762.jpg]Untitled
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Bit more work done of the TR4;
Re-purposed some driver figures from scalextric beetles; they will need to loose some weight (and a lot of their bodies) to fit in the tiny TR4
[Image: 51102413341_bd0828630a.jpg]Untitled
Card profiled to fit up against the trimmed dash/door cards
[Image: 51103143091_385f907926.jpg]Untitled
Trimmed occupants squeezed in (not much elbow room for the poor co-driver:
[Image: 51103143096_c07a11f828.jpg]Untitled
[Image: 51089010455_7cf9a1e5cc.jpg]Untitled
And in (Also started to mock-up the spotlights and mounting bar)...
[Image: 51089010430_e5a7700630.jpg]Untitled
Decals (well, homemade prints affixed and smoothed with Mod-Podge as I couldn't print white on decal paper)
[Image: 51102652943_5db39fd8c0.jpg]Untitled
[Image: 51102490349_c05f713ce2.jpg]Untitled
Still more to do.  Need to paint on the frame on the rear window glass and on the a-pillars and finish off my spotlights.  But that'll have to wait as it's now been sent off for the Brighton to John O'Groats proxy.  Happy so far, will have to finish it when it gets back.
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