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MRE - Retirement

Gary is retiring.
There is no emoji that is suitable  :o

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Wow... the end of an era. A slot car world without MRE won't be the same. I really hope Gary is able to find a way to continue to share his unique perspectives on the hobby with us all - and I hope he thoroughly enjoys his retirement.
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Gary has certainly served the slot-car community well over the years. His involvement on the retail front combined with his engagement with the club scene will be much missed. Hopefully the latter will continue.

Huge thanks to Gary and best wishes for the busy life of retirement.


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I shall miss Gary and MRE but not his convoluted website. Bigsmile 

As he is transferring the business to Pendle I wonder what the discount position will be for existing orders? Gary gives 15% to certain club membership categories such as SFI, SlotRacer and NSCC members and even more to people who spend a lot of money. Pendle's top discount is 10% and that is restricted to SFI Plus members and some racing clubs.
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Hope retirement from retail means he has more time for racing and the social side of the hobby.
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I only bought a few bits from MRE, but I liked the fact that he had some different items that were not available from the main stream supplier.

I love puttering with gears
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Gary has updated customers on the arrangements for the transfer of the MRE stock and business to Pendle Slot Racing...

Quote:Most of you have seen the MRE Slot News bulletin sent out on 3 April. If you haven't, it announced that I am retiring and passing over control of MRE. There is lots to add to that announcement, so here goes.....
1. Firstly, thank you very much for the hundreds of nice emails I received. I wish I could reply to everyone individually, but it would be a massive job. The same with the MRE Facebook page, literally hundreds more nice messages that I am sorry I can't reply to them all individually. It is very touching to know that the hard work of the last 23 years has been appreciated, and I would like to thank everyone for taking the time to express their thoughts and feelings.
2. Pendle Slot racing are taking over the resources, stock, and orders of MRE. It is a massive job to get everything integrated between 2 very different systems, so please be patient while this is taking place. All the advance orders placed at MRE are being moved to Pendle, starting with the ones for items that are arriving first. It will take a few weeks to get everything transferred so please be patient.
3. Pendle have opened a new email address for MRE customers to contact them with queries about the transfer of business. If you need to make contact please use
for your relevant questions. Please be patient and don't flood it with unneccessary stuff, the Pendle guys are VERY busy and you'll just get pushed further down the queue if you hassle them while they are busy trying to manage the absorbtion of MRE.
4. Pendle have a different price structure to MRE, but to introduce the new customers Pendle have very kindly agreed to have a special discount code that can be applied to pre-orders transferred across from MRE. This will be available while pre-orders last, and I understand that  the normal Pendle price structure will apply beyond that point. Pendle will have more details about how it will work and let the MRE customers know how their MRE pre-orders are being handled.
5. Many of you have said you will miss the weekly MRE Newsletter - thank you for your kind words about the news and reports that I have sent out over many years. But - Sean has kindly asked if I would produce some Pendle Newsletters in the future and I am happy to accept. When the dust has settled and things are working smoothly you will once again be getting regular news from me about the slot car world in the Pendle Slot Newsletter.
In addition, I have been asked if I could continue to produce articles for Slot Car Mag and of course I was happy to confirm that I will also be doing that. You can't get rid of me that easily.....
6. The MRE website is staying open for a while, so that customers can log in to their MRE accounts and check their order status. This means you can see what you have ordered in the past, and also what you have on advance order. This facility will close in stages as orders are moved across to Pendle. It is no longer possible to place any orders on the MRE website. The discount tier system obviously won't apply any more, but please make sure your address and contact details are up to date and valid for the future.
7. The MRE email address is still open, but not attended to as much as previously. I am happy to respond to emails that do not concern orders and business transferred to Pendle if I see them. I will continue to be active on the MRE Facebook page but as an individual and not as a business person. I have been a slot car enthusiast, racer, builder, journalist, retailer, event organiser, etc for almost 60 years (actually 56 active years) so I'm not going to suddenly disappear.
Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to read the weekly MRE Slot News, and to the thousands of customers over many years. I am sad to be leaving, but age and outside events have finally caught up with me. I do hope to see many of you at slot events in the future - racing, collecting, and meeting my many slot friends will continue while possible.
Thank you all.
Stay Home and Stay Safe
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