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Cars bought by members in 2019

Outstanding buys guys!!!  Love them ....

(20th-Jun-19, 08:31 AM)dazee Wrote:  An older photo, but have been buying more of these Banpro beginner cars and donating their chassis for my other project cars.

[Image: normal_hakuhinkan10.jpg]

So where do you buy these Banpro cars?

[i]Slot cars are not life and death.  They are so much more than that[/i]  Cool

Rothmans Porsche 911 by Ninco


Rothmans Porsche 911 by Ninco (Scalextric Car)

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Citroen DS21 by SCX


Citroen DS21 by SCX (Scalextric Car)

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What with one thing  or another, and the rising costs of our hobby, I haven't been buying much in the way of cars.
But just recently this popped up secondhand new+sealed, and as I needed another car in my club "goodwood" class I decided it was coming my way.
A bit of strengthening as the guide mount looked a week point and a swap for a standard fly/scaley motor as per our rules., and she is good to go !
SRC Ferrari 312PB

[Image: muSxoU1.jpg]

With a lot of the racier makes I usually like commonly north of £60 a car nowadays, purchases will remain slow, but as these are models of my all time dream car, and with a sensible price tag attached, I had to get a pair for "roughwood". I don't know how QC missed Karcher being printed as rarcher, but I can live with it !
Policar Ferrari F40LM

[Image: xdoncRj.jpg]
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I noticed Inaslot had some Factory paint defect cars going for a good price, so it seemed a good move to get a racing pair for "roughwood"
To be honest you have to look hard to find any defects, and most makers would have just let them go as is, so I am very pleased with them.
I was lacking some pioneer muscle in my collection seeing as it got stripped down to club class cars only a few years back.
I think there might be a couple more coming when funds allow :)

Pioneer Mustang and Camaro.

[Image: Np7JdtD.jpg]
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Had a couple of cars from Pioneer myself with defects and to be honest I have found you have to look very 
close indeed to find anything wrong with them. Pioneer obviously have very high quality control and standards.
The cars came unboxed but those nice people at Inaslot supplied with boxes for them to go in.

Been a quiet few months for cars but these two came last week. May get another beetle and give it a tap with the lowering stick.

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Hello Andy,
Nice Falcon.  On the Beetle are the rusty bits textured/bumpy or just flat paint?


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All flat no texture at all, It's just a paint job really looks good though.

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