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World Championship Slot Car Proxy 2021

From Sherman "Modelersc":

Round 6 of the World Championship_______RESULTS

Gentlemen the results are in. Four of the club's best drivers gave each car their very best effort so big thanks to John, Keith, Brian, Mike, Joe, Dave and Harry for their help!
Thank you to all the racers who gave us the privilege of racing their beautiful cars.

"No Name Yet Raceway" is an 85' four lane routed track with braid. Its a very fast and high grip track running Trackmate software.The track is divided up into 50 sections so your lap totals will be written as LAPS + SECTIONS. Additionally I'll note the change in finish position from the cars qualifying position (Hope this is interesting)
Positions listed from last to first.
I know its all run together but the stupid forum keeps taking out my formatting! Sorry

There were some major surprises from the qualifying positions. From qualifying on yellow lane, some cars really took to the other three lanes and some really didn't. The tight corners on Blue lane were challenging for a few cars. Two or three cars had guides that were either sticking or not self-centering leading to some difficulty re-slotting and time lost after an off. SteeVee W's #9 car developed a loose spur gear during its final heat and would not move more.
Audi1's and Hawaii's cars were almost a perfect tie for second with the difference being only a few inches.
edit... DRW21's beautiful brass-chassis car had its rear body mount pivot pop out during one heat , significantly slowing it down. It was fixed but had dropped down the order .

Round 6 results
Posit. Car # Owner Laps +sections change from Qual.
24 9 SteeVee W. 84+40 down 13
23 3 Rob NC 96+29 down 2
22 61 M.Seitz 99+27 up 2
21 85 Lance 100+44 up 2
20 17 Redlyner 101+3 up 2
19 88 Heli-Ca 101+36 nc
18 53 Arroldn 101+43 up 2
17 4 Aloha 102+49 down 4
16 117 BigDuhg 103+8 up 2
15 8 DRW21 103+26 down 11
14 34 34BOV 103+29 nc
13 70 Smokeio 105+8 down 6
12 30 Jimmyslots 105+12 up 5
11 86 Leadfoot 105+26 up 4
10 1 Modernslots 106+8 down 2
9 18 Zack M. 106+35 up 3
8 7 F1Fan 107+12 up 2
7 11 Courtney 107+18 up 2
6 19 Chrisguy W. 107+29 down 1
5 81 Superslab 107+32 up 11
4 10 CGYracer 108+8 up 2
3 35 Hawaii 109+18 nc
2 Audi1 109+18 down 1
1 33 Brumos 109+24 up 1

Finish Order
[Image: E00-B47-E6-4-A74-4-CAB-A6-F4-0-BE4-E102-E04-D.jpg]

The Podium 
[Image: A3-DC5-D37-D153-4-EE1-A16-C-3-F405-A3-FF27-C.jpg]

Overall standings after six races.
[Image: 430348-DF-F784-4853-BACC-E86-AD90-CBFB3.jpg]
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Gentlemen, the World Championship Proxy has made it to my track MID-BC for Race #7.  The qualifying to determine the race positions will be on youtube tonight at 5PM Pacific Time.  I will post the link here shortly.  
A few pictures of the 24 entrants at MID-BC

The track is 90 feet lane length and the table is 12’ x 21’. Roadway is flat latex paint sanded between three coats, copper tape with 11V power with three power connections per lane.

[Image: 849-DD01-C-1081-4857-9-C2-C-7-F208-B663-F58.jpg]

[Image: DCBA377-B-AFFE-414-D-84-B4-82-D1-AE283-EE9.jpg]

[Image: 2-BA6-D7-BE-B110-4-F19-8-D65-354-AFDCDE235.jpg]

[Image: D3-FEF32-B-1-ABD-4487-9-F43-B09393-D67242.jpg]

[Image: BBD39486-A19-D-4-D7-F-832-B-EFF2-E39-B32-F6.jpg]

[Image: A49058-DB-C860-4097-A1-A4-BAEFBB013-E81.jpg]

[Image: 8-BDC9-D17-A85-F-4-B44-B814-09456-FEF8-C49.jpg]

[Image: 87-EADAD4-4931-472-B-AE54-A3-F825357-B2-A.jpg]

[Image: 7-C94-AE8-F-A197-4-CC4-A645-67-BC51-CDB1-AF.jpg]

[Image: 7954-A07-E-A3-AC-4552-BA63-DE67-D60714-A9.jpg]

[Image: 466-DC4-B6-F37-C-4144-B5-BE-10-D2-C819-B476.jpg]

[Image: 29-A0-A3-A3-F46-D-4075-9618-1-FC7-AE55-E536.jpg]

[Image: 00-B2-BFB6-5192-4-E61-8-F9-D-373-CD1-AF715-B.jpg]
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Today Race 7 MID-BC qualifying on YouTube
5PM Pacific Time 
8PM Eastern Time

[Image: 3-A1-A3-E3-F-FFDE-474-B-B0-E1-AB308-D5-B6-B03.jpg]
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The qualify results are so tight, take a look up to tenth place……all separated by only .001ths of a second. This continues on down the list, you will see a lot of movement with the race results as it is too close!

A whopping 15 out of 24 cars were under 7.0 seconds, I was not expecting this at all especially with the motor limitation of 23K. The CanAm and GT3 proxies just recently each only had 13 cars qualify under 7.0 seconds and each of those series had more cars.

Too close to call with all the cars in the entire field finishing at 7.2 seconds and under. Absolutely amazing! This is also a first.

One thing I noticed as a host is many of these cars need a lot of swipes of tape for the tires to come out clean. I use fresh tape and watch what’s coming off the tires until the tape no longer picks up residue and it amazes me how some cars need only a few swipes and some cars need many swipes to come out clean. I noticed this more so this proxy than any other proxy I have hosted. Not sure what this means but this is a heads up to all hosts so the cars can have clean tires and better handling.

[Image: 128-E3-F3-F-B8-DD-4-E7-B-9-A12-C89-F43058070.jpg]

[Image: 8-D92-DD72-1-E04-4-DEA-93-BB-8464075-ED4-EF.jpg]
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Race #7 is all complete at MID-BC.  Here are the results and video link

First Place Cgyracer - Canada
Second Place Modernslots - USA
Third Place Audi1 - USA

[Image: 5-C91-B92-A-7-B32-413-E-BC86-047764-B41-F81.jpg]

[Image: C94-DE592-5-F83-4359-AA2-D-177-F641-FDD04.png]

Just wanted to comment that two or three previous race images have disappeared from my Postimage photo sharing account.  Very strange as I never deleted them.  Very unfortunate and now as a result the images do not show up on this thread.  I do have the master images on my desktop still if anybody wants to know what a specific image was.
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What a great track...wish mine looked like that!!!  Heart Heart Heart

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