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World Championship Slot Car Proxy 2021

The 24 cars will be packaged up and sent to their first race in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.  I will post more information once F1Fan sends the cars. 
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(4th-Apr-21, 03:59 PM)OXO cube Wrote:  
(4th-Apr-21, 03:40 PM)Brumos RSR Wrote:  
(4th-Apr-21, 08:01 AM)BARacer Wrote:  The GT3 proxy is an open entry event, with pre-qualification if it is over subscribed. I am planning on entering the next series.

Yes, the GT3 is open and has a shootout.  Check out the reveal videos on YouTube, also my recommendation is that you start building your car now so that you have the bugs worked out come race time.  My plan B is built and my plan A needs a body.
 yes i intend entering the GT3
but a top 5 placing 1st time out could be a big ask  Bigsmile
qualifying would be a good mile stone for the 1st attempt ,,, but you never know 

was wondering if the top 5 criteria was only for HRW run events or encompassed other proxies like the ones ran on this , and other forums ? ( or am i just looking for a back door here ? )

Thanks again to Rob for keeping you all "posted" on the happenings, hugely appreciated, I am barely keeping up with one forum!

Here is the rule about eligibility, as well as the complete rules. Please note the event is only taking place every two years (for now) and most likely I will change the maximum weight to 100g (from 95g) and add two extra days to the shipping time deadline.


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.pdf World Championship V1 (5).pdf Size: 63.07 KB  Downloads: 8

It is time to rank the 11 cars that are painted by the owner and entered into the concours event - 2 points are available to the winner.

All forum members that can answer the password question are welcome to vote [password answer = robnc's car number + smokeio's number + f1fan's number]

The survey will remain open until this coming Friday April 16th, 2021.

Please review the pictures prior to casting your vote, please only vote once!

Link to Google form

Thank you for your support!

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I am SO up for entering this event next year 
Alan W
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(12th-Apr-21, 05:38 AM)Nonfractal Wrote:  I am SO up for entering this event next year 
Alan W

Look forward to having you Alan! (keep in mind this series is scheduled to run every two years, but who knows, maybe with the additional interest we change it to every year)

Excellent Alan....that is the goal to get as much flag representation around the world into this World Championship Proxy.  There is also the GT3 Championship Proxy so please keep that in mind as well.  The GT3 Proxy is annual and usually starts the first week of November.

I will most likely post on this forum next season's GT3 Proxy Series as the present GT3 series is winding down entering the 8th race now.

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Congratulations to Chrisguyw for winning the World Championship Slot Car Proxy 2021 Concours.  Chris entered a beautiful Swatch livery and won the concours votes as entered by his fellow racers.  Chris receives two bonus points for his artistic and patient efforts.

The cars are now off to Race #1 at the Tanex Raceway in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.   Tentative schedule is qualifying Wednesday April 28.  Race day Saturday May 1st.   No more's now go time!

[Image: 56189929-1-E62-47-C5-82-FD-928-CF61-F9-BE0.jpg]

[Image: 3-B5-B07-E3-1-F39-4-AE7-BEBE-FA8-AAC56-ABE7.jpg]
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Qualifying was run yesterday for Round #1 at the Tanex Raceway in Vancouver, BC, Canada.  Alwyn "SuperSlab" recorded a video of the qualifying and did an excellent job preparing the track plus running the cars superbly.  When the dust settled Leon "Heli_ca" held the fastest lap time with his inline Porsche rocket to receive the bonus two points for the pole position.  Well done Leon!  A lot of very close times and most interestingly a lot of cars with various characteristics.  Will be a very interesting and fun race to watch.  Race time is will be around noon Pacific Time so please watch for the live video on Alwyn's YouTube channel.  Perhaps somebody can post the link here if I'm unable to but otherwise keep an eye on Alwyn's YouTube channel.

[Image: 8070-E705-4-EB2-4176-B172-83-D1-C9927821.jpg]

[Image: 7405-D24-C-C32-D-457-E-929-A-DF6266267907.jpg]

[Image: 353-F81-FD-55-DB-448-B-A3-AC-F48-B1-F0-C132-A.jpg]

This link should work...

Round 1 Qualifying

So the only inline car in the series tops the first qualifying.

I love puttering with gears

Race #1 World Championship Slot Car Proxy is on live now.

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