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Mediterranean-themed single-lane hillclimb / rally-stage

Hi Andy,

I'm looking forward to your progress.
After reading your report I was wondering why you didn't choose for a routed track?
It's smoother and you are more free to choose the cornering radius you like.
I use 4mm mdf and connect both halves of the road with wooden strips.
In this way it's very easy to solve elevation problems.

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Blame Jason Bigsmile 

He asked me if the set-up for the single lane with loops using Scalextric digital pit exit 'Y's was possible - and it all went downhill from there...

I'm very happy with using Scalextric track. It's the bread & butter of our 1:32 club racing - plus it's what I've used at home since I was old enough to hold a controller.
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With the nostalgic value of Scalextric track, mdf can't compete.  

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