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Slot.It G25 tyres

(29th-Mar-21, 04:31 PM)BARacer Wrote:  I read that lost their N22/F22 supplier, so they had to refresh the product.

There seems to be a common link in that NSR (who have made no declaration; but suddenly began branding new production of tyres as "EVO" - and they definitely are not as good as the previous ones), and the N and F series, and Sideways the Hi-Grip who have both said they lost production source, all happened in a short, overlapping time-frame.

I suspect that Pendle don't actually HAVE an actual F22 formula tyre, they have just come across a source formula that performs a bit similar, so they have presumably purloined the term?
Perhaps Alex? could comment openly on this.

So they have!

Reading the long explanation under the picture, they should just re-badge the tyre chart!

I love puttering with gears

Sounds like all the tyres were made in the same factory. 
 Just a guess but possibly Covid lockdowns meant the factory either closed down permanently or took the same route as many other businesses and used the pause caused by Covid to take a look at their products and decided that they either didn't want to manufacture slot car tyres any longer or didn't want to continue with the same mixes for the rubber.

We have successfully thread drifted quite a long way.
Back in G25 land, have just released G25 tyres to fit both their Policar F1 rear wheels.

Codes are 

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