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Spent a few hours over the weekend painting up some more of the excellent MRRC figures.  

A group of drivers this time. All painted to represent 1960's/Historic racing, which is the theme of my layout.

Still plenty more to do  Tease

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(14th-Mar-21, 02:21 PM)Gpa113 Wrote:  Still plenty more to do  Tease

You never have enough figures on a track.
Well done.

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Nicely done ,I've nearly 300_figures on my track and it still looks a bit sparse !!!
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Thanks Fluff,

Luckily when I designed the layout I kept the potential spectator areas small, so hopefully the numbers required will be manageable. Even the grandstands are the small 'Bleachers' from Magnetic Racing, but they still look mighty empty at the moment. 

If you have done 300, and counting, I'm not sure if that fills me with confidence or trepidation.........

But as Hub so rightly says, you can never have enough painted figures.
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That's birthday and Christmas presents sorted for years to come when anyoneeone asks.

I love puttering with gears

(15th-Mar-21, 09:30 AM)Gpa113 Wrote:  Luckily when I designed the layout I kept the potential spectator areas small

Good idea!!

Fabulous job!  I’ve printed a few dozen of the same.  Still the best era figures for the pits I’ve found.

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