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Info Ahoy

I’m Tom 45 years old and I have 4 lovely daughters 
I started with slot when I got a set at early age from Santa Claus, who didn’t have a set when they were kids. ?
I had my first decent set about 15 years ago and started to collect cars and made a permanent track at that time. 
Sold everything a few years later. 
Got into modeltrains, rc cars, but the slotcars kept interesting me. 
About a year ago I placed an advert to sell one of my rc cars, a guy responded if I maybe was interested in a swap, my car against a slotcar set and a big box of extra track......
So I got back into slotcars. 
I have a big attic and the planning was to build a permanent track, not to big, and as a former modeltrain guy I wanted to build it as realistic as possible. 
Also the cars have to look as realistic possible, I learned myself to weather in my train period. 
So I tried it on my cars, I call it “the last lap look “
Recently I started to make slotcars out of static models as I found a 1/32 VW bus in a recycle shop nearby. 
So I’m really loving this hobby, it’s relaxing and a pure pleasure for me to build, customise and working on the cars and the layout. 
What more does a man need
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Hi and welcome  Wavegreen

Look forward to seeing some track pics and car weathering in relevant sections  Thumbup
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Hi Tom,

Welcome here at SlotRacer Online.
I am very curious about how your weathered models look like.
Could you please show us some pictures?

rallyhub Thumbup
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One of my weathered cars

Something went wrong ?

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Hello Reeves and welcome to SlotRacer.

Nice looking cars you have there.  Thumbup
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Very nice weathering. Thumbup
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Yes...nice weathing. Nicely understated.

I love puttering with gears
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