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Carrera Superbird and Daytona Rework.

You have to love these ~70's slice of Nascar with Wings !

But I felt Carrera's execution wasn't quite right, wheels were overscale and the rear in the air like an ostrich burying its head in the sand was so wrong.
All the pics I found showed the cars with no rake, or at best an almost imperceptible amount.
I set to fixing that with the help of an Amato Universal Chassis, some 15.8mm Slot.It wheels fitted with NSR Classic tyres.

Originally I was going to run a Flat 6 motor, but as I have a nice collection of NC5's I snagged for around £2 a piece, I thought they would make a nicer choice for home use.

That did mean I had to molest the interior for clearance, but I didn't want to lose all the detail, and I needed part of the interiors for mounting post I compromised on raising the floor pan using card and re-attaching a shortened driver and seat, while retaining the roll cage and fire extinguisher.
The benefit was also a little weight saving - before and after:

[Image: xPwvIrk.jpg]

[Image: hscUI0t.jpg]

Every little helps  Rofl

I cut the posts a fraction shorter than I wanted and screwed them tight to the chassis.
Then after roughening the area the post were going and the top of the post "mushrooms" I glued the post to the body using just enough epoxy to hold it for now.
Then, once dry, I took off the chassis and put a build up of epoxy around the post for extra strength. As per usual, not pretty but that wasn't the priority !

[Image: rX8Av54.jpg]

As the nosecone and taillights section was also held in by the original chassis, I cut the ends off and used those, slipped a neoprene washer on both chassis mount posts (thats why i cut the posts fractionaly short) added some weight and buttoned it all up.
The neoprene washers in conjunction with some Sloting Plus body screws give it a nice dampened body rock.

[Image: d45l5Gk.jpg]

[Image: 0bhUFof.jpg]

A before and after comparison:

[Image: spRVEUh.jpg]

[Image: sxM45yp.jpg]

And some gratuitous pics around my track to finish  Cool

[Image: pQIXMiW.jpg]

[Image: bOwqKQq.jpg]

[Image: ZQvgOMn.jpg]
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Looks much better.
I guess the handling will also be improved.

rallyhub Thumbup

Nice work lowering the bodies.

Excellent pair of Hemi's.  Thumbup

I have the same purpicle body kicking around somewhere. Great inspiration for me. Thanks.

Nice job on those 2, I have a couple of them which are staying 'mint' as I love the cars, I am however looking for a 'scrapper' or 2 to do a similar mod except using a scatchbuilt brass/piano wire chassis, so if anyone has, or knows of a Daytona or Superbird body needing a home please let me know.

Yes sir. The corrected stance is night and day better, especially on your beautiful track. Very nice!

Seems I read somewhere that they schnozed them up them a bit in the front, as seen when static, due to the windage generated on a Super Speedway squashing them down; so that the down force was proportionally distributed in combination with the rear wing, and the car would be balanced at speed.

Could be I saw it on Wide World of Sports right out of the King's mouth, when they were new; but nowadays I fergit where I live. I AM that old, but I do remember how striking they were when first introduced, and you've certainly captured that.


Where some must die, so that others may live. Wrench

Thank you all :)

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