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Auslot 2021 Touring Car Proxy Event: Potential Entry

Maybe I'm getting ahead of myself but...

The plan is to use the HRS2 chassis from the car that did the winter rally ( awaiting the start of the Brighton Road Race) 
I'll drop this body to that chassis. Some body post and stabiliser work needed.
Need to fabricate a lightweight windscreen and do a Concors quality paint job on the interior.

This way I have a car that can proxy road race and rally, lights or sans-lights. 

The wheels will act as spares to go with the car on its proxy journey.
I do like these wheels, no need for plastic trims.
The chassis will be chopped up to make the body mounted rear diffuser unit.
The motor pod will go into the spares box for the pair of Ford GTs I have.

The ninco NC12 crusher (23.5k 270gcm) motor and transmission will probably get sold or swapped , I have someone in mind  Bigsmile


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For me, the sooner I prepare, the longer I have to spot any weakness in the build. So you have prompted me to get my car out into clear sight so I can study it again between work breaks.

Scalextric Honda Civic with PCR chassis
Scaleauto 0.75mm offset anglewinder pod (might go with suspension, not sure...)
15.8mm hubs with Uncle Mike's urethanes on the rear. Smaller diameter than I am used to using, but I need to let the need to lower the CoG dictate on this one. 23k S-Can motor with gearing assessed from cars in the recent series
Scaleauto Porsche 991 lexan interior looks like it will be a good fit (non-concors paint/felt tip job, but will try my best for the team) racing guide (which looks to be around 6mm deep)
Lots of fettling
Try and find a wooden track to test it on...

I love puttering with gears


I love puttering with gears
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Entries invited for the next series.

I love puttering with gears
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Getting serious Staffs wheels fitted.


I love puttering with gears
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Having watched this week's World Wide Chat I thought I would check out the front wheel set up and grub screw adjustment. 

Having removed the unnecessary lower screws, the front right wheel would not sit down on the set up plate like the front left was. However hard you look at it to try and work out why, and just hope that gravity will somehow sort it out without me having to intervene, there comes the moment when you realise...

...your chassis is twisted.

So the flattening process is well documented. For a bit of reassurance I followed guidance here. My wife was briefly filled with hope that I had suddenly gained some interest in cooking when I asked her whether the numbers on the oven dial were celcius or farenheit, and where her oven trays were kept. And a quick trip round to my father-in-law's sorted out the only piece of flat steel we had between us (as recommended by Mr Flippant). 

Et voila!


One Scalextric PCR chassis held down with redundant traction magnets onto a circular saw blade submerged in boiling water and about to go into a cooling oven overnight.

As described by Nonfractal in another of the Chats, you just know that your chassis is flat simply by the slapping sound it makes when you put it down onto a flat surface. So once I had dried it off, I subjected it to the worktop test, and to my utter surprise, it made that sound that only a completely flat chassis can make! 

So back to the tuning process, which now that my entry into the series has been accepted, has to be complete by Monday 19th July when the car needs to go in the post and off to the other side of the World.

I love puttering with gears
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Great write up.  Sounds like it will be a very well prepared proxy car. 

What I learn/trial on this one will be put to good use on my Championship GT3 car...

I love puttering with gears

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