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Dutch Trio Track

The Dutch Trio Track started  out as a copper tape track:

The copper tape pass-through slots.                                                                                       The copper tape connections.

The connection seen from the back of the track.                                                               The whole track seen from behind.                                  

A picnic table made of balsa wood.                                                                                          Ninco guardrail.
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interesting seeing the connection underneath, a lot of work goes into a routed one.

Some more scenery:

Steel wool.                                                                                                                                           Foliage turns the steel wool in shrubs.

Wooden fence.                                                                                                                                   Base of pieces of copper wire for the hedge.

Steel wool hedge.                                                                                                                             Steel wool covered with foliage
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...and even more:

White Glue.                                                                                                                                           A mixture of grits from the model train shop.

The whole track tilted vertically.                                                                                               Shrubs made of binding wire and sisal rope.

Small copper wire trees.                                                                                                              ...and covered with a mixture of grits.
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Sisal rope is a great idea, thanks for sharing.
Good pic seeing it standing up, I'm guessing you have a heafty hinge that is on?

Hi Tony,

I have used six simple door hinges and two hooks to secure it to the wall.
The track is tilted over 90° and will therefore remain vertical on the rear frame.
Here are some final scenic details and the construction details you asked for:

Hub Thumbup

Sitting on a bench watching the cars.                                                                                     The waste bin is within hand reach.

Straw bales of wood and pieces of sisal rope.                                                                     Lanterns and spots at Ruin Bend.

Six door hinges.                                                                                                                                The upholstery on the back
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  • Thank you very much hub, very helpful.
  • You have built a fantastic track. Thumbup
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Hub - fantastic as ever - maybe a stupid question but what is the upholstery for on the back?
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Hi Anthony, 

The upholstery makes the track more in harmony with the rest of the garage and keeps dust out through the rear.
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