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Hi all,

For the people who like to read this magazine in English...

The new free 87 page International Edition (English language) of Trainini magazine no. 211, February 2023 is ready for downloading now...
Trainini magazine is published montly by Publisher & Editor : Holger Späing
English translation:
Alexander Hock, Christoph Maier, Oleksiy Mark, Martin Stercken

website :
download :

[Image: YslOLHc.jpg]  [Image: EdefvLc.jpg]

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Hi all,

The free March 2023 edition of Trackside Model Railroading magazine is available now...
Another great model railroad magazine that comes out every month with a Free Edition (42 pages).
Trackside Model Railroading is published by Ross and Jenny Waters (Digital Magazine | Trackside Model Railroading)
This magazine mainly consists of one or double page photos of beautiful layouts and not much text.
The paid Premium Edition now has this month 106 pages. Read online or download this premium pdf version of the magazine.
You can only read the free edition online. No download. 
If you create a free account, you also have access to 2 previous free editions.
Still available this month to view these older releases: Trackside Model Railroading Jan 2023 and Trackside Model Railroading Feb 2023.
The current free edition is replaced by a new one on the 20th of each month.
The subscription to the premium edition of the digital magazine costs only $19.99 for one year (for 12 issues!).

Perhaps as a slot race hobbyist you can also find here some inspiration or ideas to incorporate into your track.

Cover and contents pages are from the premium edition.

[Image: vsN51CQ.jpg]  [Image: 0OYxOfy.jpg]

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Hi all,

The new Spring 2023 issue of the free quarterly 104 page Slot Car Mods magazine published by Ron Todhunter U.E. is available now...
All published editions are also still available for free.
To help the publisher you can voluntarily donate a small monthly fee (starting at just $ 0.50 per month...)

The on-line version is here:
The .pdf download is available here:

There is  also a Facebook page of Slot Car Mods magazine :

[Image: pK8jHV9.jpg]  [Image: ALMhdLe.jpg]

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Hi all,

The new free 46 page, issue number 212, March 2023 Trainini magazine for 1:220 scale (Z scale) model trains is available now.
This is about a small scale, but in my opinion, the techniques described can be applied to any scale.
Great to create a garden or park layout with these little  trains on your racetrack...
Trainini magazine is published montly by Publisher & Editor : Holger Späing

website :

download German language version :

The international edition will be available in about 14 days...:
download English language version :

[Image: f0MG7e7.jpg]  [Image: D1MmSpx.jpg]

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Hi all,

Perhaps something useful to discover for your slotracing hobby in this new, 65 pages, The S Scale Resource April/May 2023 issue 
(published by The Model Railroad Resource LLC, Amy Dawdy, bi-monthly)
This magazine (in PDF format) is legally free to download or read online.

Again a great inspirational issue this month!

There is a Facebook page too :

online flip reading:

[Image: moZHT5S.jpg]  [Image: ZSITNNr.jpg]

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