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Hello all,

For the Spanish-speaking hobbyists among us (and others too...)
On ISSUU I found some older digital editions of Más Slot.
Some editions have to be paid for, some are free to access and some are free to download.
The free downloadable issues are issue 89 Nov 2009 to issue 127 Jan 2013.
You can also download a new Index 2002-2022 for free.
You can access/download them here: Ediciones del Hobby, SL
Maybe something for a lazy Sunday afternoon…

[Image: cxdCIDW.jpg]

[Image: FzFaG70.jpg] —  [Image: PfGnjpb.jpg]
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Hi all,

The new Winter 2022 issue of the free quarterly 120 page Slot Car Mods magazine published by Ron Todhunter U.E. is available now...
All published editions are also still available for free.
To help the publisher you can voluntarily donate a small monthly fee (starting at just $ 0.50 per month...)

The on-line version is here:
The .pdf download is available here:

There is  also a Facebook page of Slot Car Mods magazine :

This issue is called The INDEX Issue.
69 of the 120 pages are used for the, imho, not very practical index of 28 issues published in 7 years.
In fact, the original index pages of each issue are placed in this 'index'.
But other than that it's a nice release again...

[Image: a50JTvg.jpg]  [Image: UFhhvhl.jpg]
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Hi all,

The new free 74 page December 2022 Trainini magazine for 1:220 scale (Z scale) model trains is available now.
This is about a small scale, but in my opinion, the techniques described can be applied to any scale.
Great to create a garden or park layout with these little  trains on your racetrack...
Trainini magazine is published montly by Publisher & Editor : Holger Späing

website :

download German language version :

The international edition will be available in about 12 days...:
download English language version :
[Image: O9dbqJW.jpg]  [Image: LBRIWLW.jpg]
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Hello all,

Found at ISSUU some other older Spanish language magazines for the next lazy Sunday afternoon...
It appears that these magazines have been discontinued.
I haven't seen them all yet, but they seem like pretty cool magazines. Despite not being very recent.
These magazines are only available free in a page-turning format. No downloading.
The pictured covers here are chosen at random.
The question is how long they will remain available.

SVQ Slot Press

[Image: HbkvJcv.jpg]

You can find SVQ Slot Press here:  numbers 1 to 42

Slotmagazine (Sport)

[Image: 2k8UQi8.jpg]

You can find Slotmagazine (Sport) on the next 3 links:  numbers 0-1-2-7-13-15-47 numbers 20-21-22-23-24-25-26 numbers 34-35

Slot - Slot 360
[Image: gfRSvSU.jpg]  [Image: BamKJLI.jpg]

You can find Slot and Slot 360 here:  Slot :       numbers 0 to 25          Slot 360 :       numbers 26 to 51
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Hello all,
Perhaps many of you already know...
Model Car Racing magazine has numbers 69 through 127 (current) of their Free Sample Edition available for download or online viewing.
Except numbers 88, 94 and 101 are not available. Not in pdf format : Number 117 is in docx format and 91 and 106 are only in page-turning format.

[Image: R2Go8QL.jpg]
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Hi all,

Perhaps something useful to discover for your slotracing hobby in this new very informative The 0 Scale Resource January/February 2023 issue 
(published by The Model Railroad Resource LLC, Amy Dawdy, bi-monthly, 83 pages).
This magazine (in PDF format) is legally free to download or read online.

From page 38 a nice article about painting figures... Fantastic figures by Modelu (


[Image: dzjVwtW.jpg]  [Image: Tw9v4cB.jpg]
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Hi all, 

Now available the new free December 2022, 61 page, 58th issue of the German language Jim Hunt Magazine® published by Jürgen Kellner: 
Download (59 Mb) : or read online.

This is another great issue full of great articles!!!

[Image: W5IV0id.jpg]  [Image: H1TO1K8.jpg]

Indeed, a nice report about painting figures in the O Scale Resource. Thumbup

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Hi all,

Now available the PDF version of issue 71, January 2023 of the stunning Slot Car Magazine International by Ric Woods and Marc Abbott from Lulu,
for the incredibly low price of only €1.77 ($1.87 - £1.56) including VAT for another 44 high quality interesting pages.

Very good! As always! 

Beautiful work Hub! Starting page 26.

Pdf version :

Paper version available at : in a short time...

[Image: pyTEWkF.jpg]  [Image: wzRauh5.jpg]
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Hi all,

From today the number 180, 1/2023, January/February 2023 issue  
of the Car On-line magazine published by Alexander Ehl, is available. 

This German language 60 page full color magazine is available in print only (€33.50 p/year, 5 issues). 
This is again a very interesting and lavishly illustrated issue! One of the very best magazines imho!

Next issue 2/2023 will be available March 14, 2023

[Image: USwCUjH.jpg]  [Image: FpNuJNk.jpg]
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