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Hi all,

The free sample edition (31 pages) September/October 2022 number 125 of Model Car Racing magazine by Robert Schleicher
is available now for online reading or pdf download :
The "Free Sample Edition" includes about one-third of the articles in the full 60-page edition.
A great article about the history of cars in this free edition...
All of the articles on the Contents pages are included in the full edition of the magazine,
which is available if you subscribe. Info :

The publisher has send an email with a link for downloading the full pdf edition. Works great!

[Image: uJ3y5xr.jpg]

Contents of the full 60 page edition:
[Image: FUtRvq9.jpg]  [Image: Jk7UyAM.jpg]
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Hi all,

The free 55 page International Edition (English language) of Trainini magazine no. 204, July 2022 is ready for downloading now...
Trainini magazine is published montly by Publisher & Editor : Holger Späing
English translation:
Alexander Hock, Christoph Maier, Oleksiy Mark, Martin Stercken

website :
download :
[Image: OPZTuKx.jpg]  [Image: yRmnZYA.jpg]
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Hi all,

The new 68 page issue No. 53 September/October 2022 of SLOT magazine, published bi-monthly, by Doolittle Media Ltd., is out now...

Digital version available at : for £4.49 / €4,99 or £16.99 / €18,99 annually.

Paper version available at : for £5.50
and of course at other places...

[Image: VLz9GQK.jpg] [Image: FwVW8Qc.jpg]
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Hi all,

Perhaps something useful to discover for your slotracing hobby in this new August 2022 issue of 
Model Railroad Hobbyist magazine (published by Joe D. Fugate, monthly, 166 pages)
This magazine (in PDF format) is legally free to download or read online.


[Image: WSnMWP9.jpg]  [Image: 2DZOWsR.jpg]
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