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Hi all,

For the Spanish speaking hobbyists among us (and others too!)...

The Spanisch language magazine : Más Slot #234 – December 2021 is on sale now. 
MásSlot is published monthly by Ediciones del Hobby S.L.

In addition to the paper version (€6,00), there is a digital version (€4,50) available too, through ISSUU.
You can only read the magazin logged in at ISSUU.

cover:                                                                                                                                                              contents: 
[Image: r7FXnAh.jpg]           [Image: YVIXQsW.jpg]


12-Hyundai i20 WRC by Scalextric
18-Hyundai WRX de Scalextric
36-Advance 2.0 de Scalextric

And the following:

3  -Editorial
6  -News
22-RS Series of Scaleauto
27-Sorteo SRC
28-Contest Decoration Toyota SRC 
32-Proto VW Touareg of MásSlot 
34-Club Fly 
35-Forum Slot Madrid 
40-Interview: MIAMI  (
42-Peugeot J7 Team Matra Sports - Le Mans Miniatures
46-The rally cars: 2nd part  Ford Escort MK I
50-Awarded!  (interesting slot cars, parts, accessories, etcetera)
54-MásSlot Competition  Porsche GT3 Cup and others...
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Hi all,

Trackside Model Railroading magazine.

Another great model railroad magazine that comes out every month with a Free Edition (about 32 pages).
This magazine mainly consists of one or double page photos of beautiful layouts and not much text.
The paid Premium Edition has about 90 to 120 pages. Read online or download (pdf) this version of the magazine.
You can only read the free edition online. No download.
If you create a free account, you also have access to 2 previous free editions.
The current free edition is replaced by a new one on the 20th of each month.
The subscription to the premium edition of the digital magazine costs only $19.99 for one year.

Perhaps as a slot race hobbyist you can also get some inspiration or ideas here to incorporate into your track...

[Image: X9rCGVZ.jpg]
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Hi all,

The free sample edition (33 pages) January/Februari 2022 number 121 of Model Car Racing magazine by Robert Schleicher
is available now for online reading or pdf download :
The "Sample Edition" includes about one-third of the articles in the full 60-page edition.
All of the articles on the Contents pages are included in the full edition of the magazine,
which is available if you subscribe. Info :

The publisher has send an email with a link for downloading the full pdf edition. Works great!

See also Woodcote's post: Model Car Racing 121 (

 [Image: JvnD8W2.jpg]

[Image: cqgemNW.jpg] [Image: AqPM1go.jpg]
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