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BlackArrow GT3 Italia oXigen

Next kit Build. 
An eBay purchase from Italy. 
Black arrow gt3 italia (Ferrari)

This will be an oXigen digital car, initially with a "B" cartridge 
Setting this up in readiness for running at Stanborough (Herts) when the club opens up again. 
The club recently retrofitted their 6 lane permanent ninco track with oXigen and lane changers so that the track can support both analogue and oXigen.

Will probably be a nightmare to get the B chip into this car because of the motor mount design.
Very likely that the emitter led will have to be on fly leads.
Maybe a "C" chip will be the way to go. 

Not planning to make this car DiSCA compliant initially. Maybe that will come later. 
Team GasMunkee have a gt3 italia already (built by and in the hands of Graham Eldridge) which texted well but was superceeded by the (event winning) ChupaChups Merc. (Again, built by Graham) 

I'll probably leave the sioux motor in place.
Mental note to calculate and check the power rating of the Sioux before I start blowing chips up  Thumbup
As you can see, the kit is a ready painted job. I just didn't want to go through the same build challenge as the recently built (and reviewed) BlackBull.
Especially, the etchwork  Angry

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Dont know if you have seen this , might help.

Black Arrow GT3 Italia – chipping for oxigen – The Digital Slot Car Association (
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