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The end is nigh

(9th-Jan-22, 09:32 PM)Fluff Wrote:  Is that the Allard in the photo it's a bit fuzzy to really tell .
I see the wiring has improved  Wrench

Fuzzy? Did you see the bigger version?

I spent hours tidying up the wiring....on the house. This remains temporary until Ronnie decides I've finished the house.

(9th-Jan-22, 10:17 PM)Kevan Wrote:  [Image: attachment.php?thumbnail=8019]

Could be

Where did you drag that one out from?? I couldn't find it in my picture library! Must have dumped it at some time.

So many years yet then !!!!

(10th-Jan-22, 08:32 AM)rallyhub Wrote:  Well done Gordon.
That is another scenic track topic, here on SlotRacer. Sun
A good start of 2022! Thumbup

A bit cold in the garage for spending much time decorating. It was fun to have a few laps on the track though. Grip was noticeable by its absence but after clearing a bit of dust it improved somewhat. Temperature around 2 degrees and the air full of moisture probably didn't help.
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Nice one Gordon!!!  Good to see you again - trust you and Ronnie had a great Christmas and new year?

(10th-Jan-22, 02:39 PM)Anthony B Wrote:  Nice one Gordon!!!  Good to see you again - trust you and Ronnie had a great Christmas and new year?

We did thanks Anthony. Quiet, just the two of us but we did the whole food and drink bit. We never exchange presents as we reckon having each other should be enough of a gift for anyone! Sun 

One of our friends here is a music professor who teaches in the UK so commutes! It did mean he could bring us the puds and mince pies that I didn't have time to make.

Everything else is available here now that even France has the same stuff in the shops.

Slot cars are still a way down the list but the occasional trip to the garage is still fun.
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