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Batch of slightly modified and repainted figures.

Wonderful that you share.

Being a latecomer, I have never been to a slot festival but will make the effort to when we all can

I love puttering with gears
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With some masking tape and paint, old Scalextric figures can be changed into African Touaregs and African people:

rallyhub Thumbup

The old Scalextric figures before their modification.                                                        The masking tape and the now brown painted figures.

The finished Touaregs, plus an African spectator and photographer.                       The Dakar Rally passes an African desert village.
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I love how our minds work to get to new solutions in this hobby!!! Thumbup Thumbup
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There is a lack of spectator figures for both the race and rally tracks.
Because the choice is limited, you can also turn officials and the like into spectators.
I hope this topic will inspire you to customize your own figures.
Here is what I did with some of my MRRC figure sets:

rallyhub Thumbup

Some still unpainted MRRC figures.                                                                                         The modified MRRC figures on the track side.

Climbing the steep shoulder while rally cars pass by.                                                      Talking to each other while watching the action.
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Here are a few photos of my slightly modified Preiser figures.
I have used the unpainted "Passengers and passers-by" set 63000,"Model figure Eva" set 63901 and "Seated passengers" set 63001, as a base.
As you can see they are a bit outdated from the 1960s.
However, if you're looking to build a 1960s track, a look at the Preiser website is recommended.
(You can find them by scrolling to scale 1:32, page 270-278 of the catalogue).

rallyhub Thumbup

Preiser figures transformed into spectators.                                                                        Two dressed Eva girls.

Two other Eva girls are watching the action.                                                                        Waving from the track side.
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In the SCX catalogues from 2002 till 2006/07 you can find set "Grandstand figures ref. 88320".
As you can see, the production period was short and nowadays those figures are hard to find.
The set contained one standing official, one photographer and four sitting persons. Despite their bright colours they are well usable.
For my Swedish Rally Track I repainted them and made hats from tile adhesive and scarves from painted masking tape.

rallyhub Thumbup

The standard figures of SCX Grandstand Figures set ref. 88320.                                  Three slightly modified sitting figures from the SCX set.

The fourth sitting SCX figure waves in the air with both hands.                                      Here you can see him again, along with the SCX official and photographer.
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Works in HO scale too...

[Image: 50582060327_f90f6725f1_z.jpg]

Thumbup Thumbup

So many cars...  So little time...  Checkeredflag
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