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Hello fellow racers collectors and general slot car nuts . I have a home racing group here in regional Victoria Australia we run on my 4 lane Carrera track  with an aftermarket variable power supply running to normal commercial / club style controllers . I use race coordinator as my race management program . Only run cars as non magnet and reduce the volts to make it nice easy close racing .   
I love seeing every one else track and set ups .My track is more a functional  race track  than a visual  layout as i not that good at the detailing of track scenery etc . So far my racing group are happy with the layout style and format that i run my events they all keep coming back for more . 
Love seeing the sport growing and being a part of it world wide 

you can check out my new facebook page under @mbr103

Thanks Mike
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Hello Mike and welcome to the forum from a fellow Victorian

Cheers Mike, greetings from Scotland.

Looking forward to seeing photos of your layout.


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Welcome Mike  Wavegreen

Welcome Mike,

Greetings from the Netherlands.

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Hello Mike. Welcome to SlotRacer.

Greetings from Canada. The great white north!

Chuck Norris can pop a wheelie on a unicycle!

Hello Mike, and Welcome  Wavegreen

So, it looks like we are both going about our slot racing in very much the same way  Yes

I have a pair of 4 lane layouts,  one routed,  one Scalextric Sport plastic track, both of which are in the "Show us your track" section of the forum.
We also only run magnet out racing, with voltage adjusted for different classes,  and use a DS 300 Pro lap counter system,  with DS controllers. 

As the tracks are at my home,  it's a club, but by invitation only. Basically friends of mine,  who then bring friends of theirs.  If everyone gets on they are very welcome back  Rofl

What type of cars and classes do you guys race?
We run modern Scalextric GT3, from a list of eligible cars as our main class.
Club classes are Scalextric BMW Mini's,  Jaguar E Types and NASCAR. We run these as pairs events.
We also do BTCC Super Tourers, Go Karts and for fun Trucks (full contact) and 360 degree spinning Police Range Rovers, all Scalextric.
The highlight is the caravan racing Wrench
Scalextric generic GT cars, with plastic caravans,  and its mad Bigsmile
Enjoy your racing and enjoy the forum  Checkeredflag

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