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HO stuff

Thanks to El Camino Bill, the Corvette collection is coming along nicely. Thanks Bill!!!

Took a little while to do the mods to get a Dash chassis under these low bodies. Johnny Lightning says these bodies fit a slot car chassis. Not quite.


The window needs to be removed and sanded to make a channel for the chassis to fit.


Thank you very kindly for looking.

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(26th-Aug-21, 08:20 PM)KensRedZed Wrote:  I have been collecting Tuff Ones wheels/tires for a while now. Everything goes into a drawer.
You can never have enough wheels/tyres. Thumbup
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Hello Rallyhub,

Funny you should bring that up. I thought the drawer was a collection of useless items until Model Murdering inspired me to use a few wheels/tyres to slam a Plymouth body.


I was going to give all the Tuff Ones away. Oops. Not anymore.
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This car has eluded me for a while. I finally got one. The car of the week... A 1970 Olds 442.

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What a beauty!!!!!!!!


Donne e motori, gioie e dolori - Frauen und Autos, Freuden und Leiden

Thank you very kindly, Nico.

The Dash body was purchased from Jag Hobbies. The chassis came directly from Dash Motorsports.

The white stripes on the hood were cut from self adhesive decal tape for RC aircraft called Monocote.

Another 442. This one has the rear wheel wells opened up for bigger rear tires.


Then there's Mr. Floyd's 69 Road Runner.


Thank you kindly for looking.
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