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WHO Winter Rally-Sprint Proxy 2021 REPORT

Thanks Leo! Your Delta was a dream to drive - just not quite as good over the off-road section as some of the others.

The host thing is a compromise, but was rather enjoyable today - it meant I could give my car a good thrashing (rather than self-consciously holding back), surprisingly grabbing the stage win, but also knowing (sadly) it wouldn't count overall. Home advantage is a tricky conundrum... we'll see how it plays out at this event. The flip-side is that if the host finishes below the median in the class, they get bumped up.
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Thanks for all the efforts from the host team today. 

Really looking forward to the series.

I love puttering with gears
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As much as it sucked that my cars both ran rubbish, I am really enjoying this series and being part of it. It’s a good learning experience in building and setting up car (although both mine are stock). 
Thank you for putting the series on and sign me up for any others you do in the future!
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Really enjoying following my 1st proxy as a spectator. Great 1st stage. I've been looking at the fantastic (& expensive!) SRC rally models, especially the Lancia, with their all round suspension - if they don't add much advantage over the rough stuff what's the point of it? Asking as a novice. Bring on round 2!
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The first - and longest - road transfer of the event is in progress. All the cars are on their way to Simon's in Goring-by-Sea - ready for Stage 2 on Sunday / Monday.
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Probably won't be able to post the coverage that Andy has provided over his first stage,,,but the second stage , my first, is currently under construction and will be race worthy sometime this afternoon,,,,I have Spotify shuffle playing through some 2000 songs and no cat shenanigans to interrupt the flow,,,, though may borrow the neighbours cat for photo continuity ,,,,here's hopefully posting race results later,,,,,
 [Image: 50869988846_d98d494f9a_z.jpg]stage 2 by Simon Coombes, on Flickr
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Special Stage 2 - Martyrs' Mile

The Rally-Sprint has re-located to Goring-by-Sea for the next 2-3 weeks. Goring is another ancient village that has been subsumed into a larger town. The first written record of the village of Goring dates back to the sixth century, when it was part of the kingdom of the South Saxons (or Sussex). It is mentioned in the Domesday Book at the parish of Garinges. A grand country house, Castle Goring, was built in the 1790s by Sir Bysshe Shelley, 1st Baronet of Castle Goring and grandfather of the poet Percy Shelley. Some residential development began in the 19th century, encouraged by the new south coast railway line and a station at Goring. The population of Goring only started to grow significantly in 1929, when the village became a borough of Worthing - and again after 1938, when the railway was electrified. Goring is now the western suburb of Worthing.


Although Goring was once home to the teenage Bill Idol, the main tourist attractions are the beach and the English Martyrs' Church, which - in normal times - greets coachloads of visitors to view the replica of the Sistine Chapel ceiling painted by local sign-writer Gary Bevans. The church hall is The Barn - the home of Worthing HO Racing. The Barn was built in 1771 for farmer George Jupp and is now a Grade II listed building. It was also the original church, used for services from 1937 to 1970.


Stages 2 and 3 will take place a few hundred yards (as the crow flies) from the Barn - hence the names Simon has given his two stages.

(21st-Jan-21, 10:11 PM)Scuderia_Turini Wrote:  Cheers Andy, thank you for the commitment of your time and efforts in running the 46 cars.  Congratulations on establishing a fair way to handle the hosts hone-advantage, hopefully other proxy organisers will pick up this concept.


I totally agree with Leo. I know the amount of work that you are putting into the event but in these difficult times it would be great if a couple of other clubs or individuals could possibly put more proxy events on to keep us all racing. Great coverage Andy.
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,,,,,After a lot of Faffing around,,,managed to start racing about 6 o'clock this evening,,,it's taken me about an hour to complete the Scalextric Group B Class,,,,with Doug Passell's Audi Quattro taken the top slot,,,,nothing fazed it, it just cruised round comfortably sticking to the curves for the win,,,,
[Image: 50871363256_11746e310b_z.jpg]

will post the results shortly,,,,
will also try and squeeze in Class A tonight, leaving Class C for tomorrow,,,,and the 3rd stage,,,Jupp's Cup,,,,
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,,,,,,Vorsprung Durch Technik,,,,,
[Image: 50871930171_a89f5d0d5f_z.jpg]
Audi 1 2 3,,,,Although I particularly enjoyed racing the Ford RS 200's,,,
Doug Passell top of the podium,,,,2nd place,,,Oli Abbott, you pushed Andy Player into Fourth,,,,and 3rd place Graham Edwards,,,

Here are the full set of Results,,,

DOUG PASSELL,,,,,,,,,,,,,1.19.83
OLI ABBOTT,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,1.21.33
GRAHAM EDWARDS,,,,,,1.24.19
ANDY PLAYER,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,1.24.85
DAVID PASSELL,,,,,,,,,,,,1.31.54
ANDY DAVIS,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,1.33.16
PAUL COOPER,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,1.33.21
LEO CAPALDI,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,1.33.36
CLIVE MILLS,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,1.37.79

I have raced Class A tonight as well,,,but will post pics and results tomorrow,,,
Ta Ta For Now
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