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Question > Controller and Power supply Combo for T-jets

Asking on behalf of a friend who has not found this forum yet.   Have told him about this forum and hopefully he will arrive shortly but in advance here is his query:-

This is related to a Faller based track running T-Jet chassis and that has several special features around the theme of the 1969 movie The Italian Job .   So the use is not ultimate track performance but more for smooth running of the cars for video recording.

"As the scenes take shape I am finding the stock Faller 16v power supply and controller inadequate to get the speed and control required to test the scenes, particularly with the Mini jump. I was going to wait until I was a little further down the line before purchasing better quality power supplies or controllers but I think the time has come to purchase at least one so I can replicate the speed and control of the final circuit. T-jets like about 90 Ohms and 18v at 10a. I imagine a variable power supply is a good idea but controller wise I don't know what I am looking for. I could get a basic Parma 90 Ohm but I have read that it may be better to get an electronic controller so I can fine tune to each car. Do electronic controllers have a range up to 90 Ohm as I have only seen one's up to 45 Ohm. I would be grateful for any advice."

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After Leo very kindly enquired for me I decided to join the forum. Just to correct Leo slightly, I do ultimately want to use the track for racing but the racing experience will be all about control, there are numerous obstacles, jumps etc so the ability to slow and accelerate quickly will be paramount. I am struggling to find Parma 90 Ohm controllers (I believe they are no longer made) and all other aftermarket controllers only seem to extend to 55 Ohms.
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Welcome Yakboy!

The T-Jets run well between 16 and 22 volts and need a good bit of current - 1 or 2 amps per lane is about right. To run smoothy, they also need some TLC - there are plenty of guides online, on YouTube etc. There are a lot of gears in there... and therefore friction that needs sorting out, especially if a car has been sitting in a box for 50+ years. Same goes for polishing up the track rails. Running a Micro Scalextric car round with a drop of INOX MX3 on the braids works wonders!

As far as controllers are concerned, the general consensus is 90-120 ohms for T-Jets. An ideal place to look is the OS3 site - - which specialises in all things T-Jet. Their old BRP Stage III controller was a perfect HO controller and the OS3 Pro Series Controllers are the replacement models. An alternative I like very much are the OS3 Nitro 95 and 120 ohm non-linear-wound resistors that fit in a Parma handle. These are out of production, but the Nitro 95 is still in stock at JAGS - 

We've raced pretty standard T-Jets here on the south coast (oval and road course racing) and people have been happy with anything from a Ninco 55 ohm upwards. The BRP Stage III and Nitro 95 are preferable for racing. A couple of Truspeed MT1 PWM controllers have been used and work well - yes they do give that 90-120 ohm range feel, especially using the second sensitivity adjuster Steve added for the later models. I imagine other transistor and PWM controllers would work okay too, but would be worth checking with the manufacturer or retailer. The various HO DiFalcos are a very common sight in US T-Jet racing. The difference between an HO and a 1/32 spec of an electronic controller is often to do with the brake pot and the addition of a 'coast' feature - both more important with modern magnet cars and less of an issue with T-Jets.

However, for basic driving, I have driven T-Jets with Parma 45s and DS 55s on my home track and they were completely fine. Some of it is the smoothness of the trigger, quality of the controller and also the personal preference of the driver. A really nice version of the DS controller is the one with a 3-way switch for 60 / 90 / 120 ohms here: - it is specially made for NJ Nostalgia and only available in the US.

Hope that helps!
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Thanks for the comprehensive reply, certainly given me a great start on research.
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You have PM re controllers.
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You have another PM re controllers.
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Just got a variable PSU delivered today and even with the poor 40 year old faller controller it makes such a difference to be able to dial the voltage to between 18 and 20V. Top Down has sorted me out with some NOS Parma 120's so looking forward to see how they go. I still fancy the DS 60/90/120 for the future if NJ hobby will answer my e-mail.
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Controllers received this morning and after a little false start on the 1/4" inch jack wiring all sorted and working well.

[Image: 50866353158_e168b45c49_c.jpg]2021-01-23_04-56-07 by yakboy2007, on Flickr
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