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Black Arrow - Black Bull

Update 2022.
Revisiting the Black bull

A year since I built the Black bull kit.
Changes at LondonSlotCarClub left me looking for cars into which I could fit a handful of NSR king30 motors.
King 30 are no longer permitted for "class b" inline racing.
I did just "too good" a job of proving that inline king30 as an unbeatable weapon (in many classes)  last year. 
Added to that , the knowledge that the factory fitted Sioux motor (anglewinder) was no match for an inline mosler with a King25 led me to rethink where I could use this car. 
The inline motor mount for black arrow doesn't look as well thought out as the Anglewinder.

The solution is to step the Black Bull up to "sportscar" class. 
Very high power anglewinders are permitted. 
This pits the Black Bull directly againt NSRmoslers, very formidable opponents.
So, a complete stripdown and a repaint was on the table.

To complement the king30 , an nsr 12 tooth pinion was fitted.
Initial testing showed that the 13 tooth was too long for LSC. 
If it's too long for LSC, it's going to be too long for anywhere. 

Lightweight interior fitted.
The hex window set at the rear of the body painted over just in case a rivet counter notice that the motor can be seen through it. 
(Many clubs have rules requiring the interior to obscure the motor) 
Wheel trims removed 

Current testing shows a lot of promise but not quite predictable enough to use in a race night.
Very similar weights (in the mid 70's) and similar guide lengths make this every bit a match to the mosler (on paper) 

To do list
BALExx lexan KIT to replace my DIY hack job
Rubber Wing , you know that fragile factory fit  wing will never survive an impact.
Etchwork. New gold etchwork will freshen the look.
Flash of laquer to make her shine
Investigate ways to further shorten the gearing. Currently testing at 11 metres per second. Toooooo looooong. Rofl

Further images in

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Please get some black inserts in those rear hubs to match the front...Just think of them as ballast immediately above the point of rear tyre contact with the track if that helps!

I love puttering with gears

Not a chance,
I might find some chrome spray to colour the front wheels to match the rears but that is as far as I will go  Bigsmile
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Any updates Alan? I found a white kit of one of these in a bag of slot car stuff I acquired a little while back, I've not tried it yet as my NSR Mosler is going to be far too fast an opponent for it.

Life is like a box of Slot cars... Cool Drinkingcheers

No big updates but I've done a few bits and pieces.
The longer guide base seems to make this car more stable through long high speed curves.
The Sioux motor is a sealed can zero mag  Motor and is no match for a king motor.
The black bull now has a king 30.
Getting transmission parts to suit  king30 and the BA motor mount has been tricky.
I have lightweight  wheel inserts 3d printed by MarkLong 

In the end though, not yet a match for a fully evolved mosler.
Alan W

Pics and more details later
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Thanks for the reply, I'll probably save it for one of our 'Italian Cars' nights.

Life is like a box of Slot cars... Cool Drinkingcheers

(16th-Oct-22, 10:19 PM)Kevan Wrote:  Thanks for the reply, I'll probably save it for one of our 'Italian Cars' nights.

One of which was last night  Thumbup

Changes from the standard kit:
  • NSR rears (pre-Evo Supergrips which need lots of treating to give sufficient grip, pre-Evo Ultragrips are best on our track but not made now)
  • Sleeved front axle with independent rotating wheels and hard coated front tyres
  • Ballast
  • Taped underneath
Runs smooth as a smooth thing, the Sioux motor is a lovely power plant and kind on tyres.

With all the springs and adjustments available on the pod the car feels mushy to race on a wood track, the effects of which diminished slightly with a sizeable square of tape under the chassis that reaches right across the chassis and bottom of the sills.

You have to get a bit silly with the controller to get this to deslot, it's great to drive but never going to scare a race prepped Mosler.

I'd not raced this car before, had a few practice sessions with it then put it on the shelf to be worked on...this never happened so raced it in a handicap event based on every cars best hot lap on our tracks slow lane...these events always favour the most consistent cars rather than the fastest and last night this was not only one of the quickest cars but most consistent and won the handicap event.

I still want to improve it's capability, reduce the mushy handling, fit a pair of rear tyres that don't need so much treating and maybe even hydrodip the all white body (all the bits stuck to the body put me off though).

Bring on the next 'Italian Cars' night in 2024...

Life is like a box of Slot cars... Cool Drinkingcheers
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