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Info Woodland Fort Slot Car Club, Plymouth UK

1/32 Formula Libre Rd3 (sponsored by Mitoos Bigsmile )

What a night, the track has now 'rubbered in' nicely and the Libre cars were FLYING, laps records were broken race after race, a few members now have Genesis chassis'd cars from Ian Fitzpatrick at Betta and others have JS chassis, most have lexan shells and all (except Ian Chanter) were running spongies, when you consider that Ian was running his NSR Mosler which is a contender for outright honours in the Sports class you begin to realise just how much difference the mods make.
The win in the end was taken by Bernie with his 25 year old (at least) brass/pianowire, scratchbuilt chassis, rocking a 22 year old Betta Volvo S40 bodyshell (life in the old dog yet). You will notice that it still carries the towbar from being used in Caravan racing back in the old days at Crawley club.
The race record, 46.68 laps in 3 minutes equates to an average 3.856sec lap, compare that with the single lap record of 3.710sec shows just how hard he was pushing.
2nd on the evening was Mike Stonehouse (who won the first 2 rounds) and 3rd was Graeme Bickford.
Mike still leads the championship and I think only needs one more 2nd place from the last 2 rounds to clinch the title.

Back to Scalextric 'Start' Formula One cars next week.

Scalextric Start Formula One

You dont need ultra fast cars that handle like gokarts to have a good, close race meeting, these Scalextric cars could never be classed fast and their handling (on a wooden, non mag circuit) needs a lot of care, but we had a VERY close race meeting.
The format was that everybody had one minutes racing on each of the 4 lanes to produce their fastest single lap, this determined their qualifying order for 3 minute step-up finals.

Fastest qualifier was Bob Batten fresh from his mid season break, 0.007 behind was John Down and just over ½ second covered all 9 competitors.
On to the finals, Mike won the C final comfortably to move up to the B, where Bernie Lawrance broke the outright race record for these cars to move up to the A final along with Ian Chanter to join Bob and John.
This was a race and a half, it started with Bernie & John running side by side for a few laps, neither able to break away, John had an off and Bernie suddenly had a full lap lead, time to take it easy and run out the clock but no, an unforced error put John back in the lead and Bernie was chasing as hard as he could, only when the power went off did he and John notice that Bob had sneaked by and taken the win, all 3 of them covered by only ½ a lap, Ian finished 4th but he was only one lap down, a really great race.

Those results moved both John and Bob up the table to 2nd & 3rd, and with one round to go and best 4 of 5 to count the title is still wide open.

Next Thursday sees the first round of the NSR Back to Race Championship, cars are frantically being built, full report and photos next week.
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Busy evening at the Fort last Thursday, to catch up with missing a class last week (Le Mans proxy round) we ran 2 classes this week, first up was our 1:24 Club Cars, Parma Flexi2 chassis with 16D motors & sponge tyres, a couple of records were broken, Ken claiming the 3 min record on white lane and Bernie doing the same on yellow.
The final result was Bernie from Ken, with Graeme 3rd and Anthony 4th.

This was swiftly followed by 1:32 Formula Libre, anything goes (within reason) and they are FAST, but there were a couple of breakdowns, one person who did everything right was Bob who claimed a comfortable win from Ken with Bernie 3rd rumours of more Genesis cars in the pipeline look very promising for this class.
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Just realised that I failed to post a report on the first round of the NSR Back to Race championship, sorry.

As a new class and new cars records were there to be made, and they were shared evenly, Mike taking the white lane record, Bernie the green, Ken the yellow and John took red, the racing was fair but hard, at the end of it Ken took a slender win from Bernie, with Ian 3rd, many thanks to NSR for supplying these brilliant cars.
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Round 2 of the NSR Back to Race Championship saw another closely fought evening won by Graeme Bickford by less than half a lap from Ian Chanter and Mike Stonehouse, Graeme taking the race record on green lane and Mike taking the single lap record on red lane in the process.
John Down had a nightmare evening suffering from a recurrent tyre falling off, better glue needed.
The absence of championship leader Ken means that after 2 rounds Ian Chanter leads the pack by just one point from Bernie Lawrance with Mike & Graeme a further 2 pts back, it is best 4 from 5 rounds so it is still anybody's championship.

Photos show the underside of all cars present (as requested by #NSR),
as well as the prettier side,
and the podium with Graeme on the top, Ian on the right and the Gulf car of Mike on the left
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What tyres are on the back end of those?

Print It, Build It, Race It, Improve It, Repeat...

(24th-Nov-21, 10:10 AM)Kevan Wrote:  What tyres are on the back end of those?

The ones that came with them, supergrips I think

(24th-Nov-21, 02:46 PM)Qman Wrote:  
(24th-Nov-21, 10:10 AM)Kevan Wrote:  What tyres are on the back end of those?

The ones that came with them, supergrips I think

I wonder if they're the new black reds...did they true easily enough?

Print It, Build It, Race It, Improve It, Repeat...

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