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Adventures with Lexan

Looking good  Thumbup
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They look perfect!

Chuck Norris can pop a wheelie on a unicycle!
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There are probably a few of us here who can remember hand painting the inside of vacform bodies with Airfix or Humbrol enamels. One big "off" at the raceway and the paint would fall off in large sections where the body flexed when it hit the barrier and the paint didn't.
 I have tried painting vacform bodies on the outside with car paints. I found that they tend to try to curl slightly possibly where the paint shrinks a little as it dries and it chips very easily particularly if the cars are raced hard. My entries for Double Trouble look a bit secondhand when I take them back for a second years racing.
 Although most of my vacforms aren't actually lexan I feel inclined to have another go with the Tamiya PS sprays but sometimes I just can't get the correct colours for the car that I want to model.

Tony, absolutely correct. I have not worked with - let’s call it lexan  - for 25 years. I clean forgot how if you put it on too thick it bends the lexan . So first one done - the Honker- now has reinforcing ribs to prevent and correct the bending. The second one I did - the King cobra - I layered thin layers and it is fine. . 

More progress.,.. 

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