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Info ARC Pro app - the missing manual?

One more aside before I return to the ARC Pro guide is to flag up a new ARC Pro set in the 2020 Scalextric catalogue...


As you can see, the C1413 ARC Pro Platinum GT Set is the full ARC Pro kit at one big hit (RRP £499.99). What you get for that is:

  • The latest ARC Pro powerbase
  • 2 x P9300 15v power supplies
  • 4 x C8438 ARC wireless controllers
  • 4 x High-detail Scalextric GT cars fitted with C8515 digital plugs
  • C7015 Right-hand pit lane
  • 2 x C7036 straight lane change tracks
  • 9 metres of track
For the full six-car ARC Pro experience, all you'll need are two extra ARC wireless controllers, two extra GT cars and two C8515 digital plugs. Plus extra track, borders and barriers - if you have room. The set will be available Autumn 2020:

Coming soon, the final topics in the guide will be:

  • Tournament racing
  • ARC Pro's Drag Race
  • My Garage
  • Pace Cars - racing on your own
  • Arcade
  • Analogue mode
  • ARC Pro and Rallying
The full guide - beautifully laid out by Jason - is here:

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