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HO Drag Proxy 12-13 January 2021 RACE REPORT

Our top two qualifiers lined up for the final - Iain vs Jerome...


Ian's Die Hard Funny Car got the better start...


... but could not shake off the yellow DHL machine...

The winning margin was a very close 0.024 seconds...


These are the race stats...


Huge congrats to Iain on his first visit to Victory Lane Thumbup


Here's the ladder...


Apologies - I failed to grab the stats screen for this one, but did remember to write everything down.

That just leaves the main event - Micro Scalextric Street Stock. The coverage will start around 7.45pm...
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Commiserations Jerome, that was a close race which could have gone either way. 
Hopefully this means my TQ curse is now broken! Wrench
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Micro Scalextric Street Stock Eliminators - Round One

The first of ten first round races saw top qualifier Jane line up against last-place qualifier Dylan...


Dylan's Ford was sluggish off the line and Jane threw down a 0.651 second run to intimidate her rivals. The winning margin was 0.178 seconds, Dylan's ET 0.827.


Tenth and eleventh place qualifiers met in the second race - Alan's Audi never got going and Rebecca won by a surprisingly big 0.101 second margin. Their ETs were 0.712 and 0.791.


The Audi R8 of third-placed qualifier Clive was on good form, clocking 0.693 and beating Al's Veyron by 0.128 seconds. Al's time was 0.818.


Sue had easily outperformed Pete in qualifying. It looked like she'd comfortably won this race too... until Pete's Audi TT found some pace in the closing stages and dipped over the line 0.008 seconds ahead. The ET for the silver TT was 0.742 and the red one 0.759.


Jeff had only managed to qualify fourth. His 0.700 run was enough to beat David's Aston Martin by 0.057 seconds.


In the final bout of the top half of the ladder, Iain's Jag was run very close by Noah's Ford Focus. The gap was 0.020 seconds with unremarkable ETs of 0.779 and 0.793.

The four races in the second part of the ladder started with Bill vs Doug...


Despite being opposite ends of qualifying, it was a little closer than expected - Bill's stocker winning by 0.056 seconds, the ETs 0.699 and 0.759.


Laura's Aston Martin saw of Hank's stocker by 0.047 seconds. Her ET was 0.706 to Hank's 0.749.


Jeremy's Veyron looked very good in qualifying and he beat Dave's improving stocker by 0.050. That does indeed mean that Jeremy is through to Street Stock Round Two for the first in quite a while (June 2020?). The ETs were 0.664 and 0.707.


The final Round One race saw Jerome beat Andy by 0.062 seconds. The orange Veyron clocked 0.682 to Andy's 0.745.
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Street Stock Eliminators Round Two

Five races - and they were all pretty close...


Rebecca's Boxster delivered a super-quick time to surprise Jane. It wasn't anywhere near quick enough to beat her... but it did surprise her. The Nissan clocked 0.648 to win by 0.038 seconds. Rebecca's 0.684 was her best of the event. Jane would have a bye round next.


The first of two races to decide who met Jane in the semi-final saw Clive beat Pete quite comfortably. The winning margin was 0.089 and the ETs 0.663 and 0.742.


The race between Iain and Jeff was very close. Iain's yellow Jag had the lead, although Jeff blasted through the finish line. The crowd needed the results screen to call it - a 0.011 second win for the Texas Audi R8. Their ETs were 0.686 and 0.696.


Another close call was the race between Bill and Laura. Bill had the lead and Laura's Aston just didn't have the pace to get by the stocker. The gap at the line was 0.017 seconds and the ETs 0.672 and 0.692.


The final race of Round Two was dramatic - with something we'd not seen before on the Rock County Eighth Mile. Jerome's win was routine - leading from start to finish and with a gap of 0.020 seconds. However, the drama unfolded when Jeremy's Veyron exploded in the final stages. The Bugatti's body attachment has been rather dubious for a while and this time it flew off most dramatically, nearly demolishing the finish line gantry. No-one was injured - and the gantry quickly repaired - but the Veyron's tab will need some work before next time.
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Street Stock Round Three + Semi-final

Either Clive or Jeff would face Jane in the semi-final. Both the Audi R8s were getting quicker, so would it be white or black?


Jeff's R8 absolutely nailed the run - his ET of 0.646 the fastest of the eliminators so far, beating Clive by 0.012 of a second. Clive's ET was his best of the event at 0.660 - you can't ask more than that.

Essential a semi-final in itself was the third round race between Bill and Jerome - the winner would get a bye in the next round and go straight to the final.


This was a thriller! Bill's stocker was out of the blocks first, but Jerome's orange Veyron caught up. Who'd crossed the line first? By 0.008 of a second... it was Bill. Jerome's ET was quicker - 0.685 to 0.687 - but Bill had the holeshot win and was going to the final...

...where he'd meet the winner of Jane vs Jeff...


And this race was even closer. Off the line together, running side-by-side down the strip and neck-and-neck through the finish line... All eyes went to the result screen - the winning margin was 0.004 seconds and the narrowest of wins for Jane. Their ETs were 0.650 and 0.655.

The top two qualifiers were through to the final...
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Street Stock Final

It was another Trans-Atlantic Street Stock final...


After two thrilling races to get here, could Jane and Bill raise their games one final time?

This is how it looked...

Jane got the better start...


And just kept on going, passing the finish line sensors 0.046 seconds ahead...


These were the race stats...


Another fabulous win and trip to Victory Lane for Jane Thumbup 


This is the full ladder - which you'll need to click on to read...


And here are all the Street Stock Eliminator stats...


That's all the action for this time - some great racing as always! A big thank you to everyone for taking part - and to all those who tuned in.

I imagine we may be needing more proxy racing through the spring and into the summer, so I am looking at more dates for after this Winter Series concludes in March. However, before all that is the Nostalgia event in February - I'll get a sign-up thread started soon.
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Very cool photos and report.  Thumbup

Chuck Norris can pop a wheelie on a unicycle!
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I love it...I've finally got (had?) a car with a bit of spirit! If you can find all the bits, I would appreciate that Woodcote.

I love puttering with gears
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I have all the bits. It was pretty loud and I did duck...

[Image: is-it-getting-hot-in-here]
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(13th-Jan-21, 06:21 PM)935 fan Wrote:  Hopefully this means my TQ curse is now broken! Wrench

I looked back through the records and I’m pretty sure this event was the first time we had all three top qualifiers in victory lane. They were three impressive performances, but all had a very close challenge along the way. It could be a different story next time.
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