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HO Drag Proxy 12-13 January 2021 RACE REPORT

The Chesterfield crew is raring to go, Doug and David competing in Street Stock and NHRA Funny Car / Pro Stock...


Dylan and Noah have cars for Street Stock and Top Fuel match racing...


Then we have the American contingent, with Al from Pennsylvania and Dave from Tennessee...


Hank and Bill are next - all with Street Stock and Super Stock 6.0 cars...


Two single car entries - Bill in Street Stock, plus Andy's fan Mini Super Stock...


Finally, we have Pete, Sue and Jerome in Street Stock and the family Funny Car...


That's forty-six cars to get warmed up and ready for tomorrow. No new cars - only a few sets of new rims - so the competition starts on the track this time.

The schedule will be something like this...

Tuesday from 4.30pm
Street Stock Qualifying
Top Fuel match racing 1
Super Stock 6.0 Qualifying
Super Stock 6.0 Eliminators

Wednesday from 4.30pm
Top Fuel match racing 2
NHRA 4-Gear Funny Car / Pro Stock Qualifying
NHRA 4-Gear Funny Car / Pro Stock Eliminators
Top Fuel match racing 3
Street Stock Eliminators
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We are underway on the eighth mile and the first round of Micro Scalextric Street Stock qualifying has just ended.

This is the top six so far:

Jane - 0.646
Bill - 0.661
Clive - 0.664
Jeff - 0.666
Iain - 0.674
Jerome - 0.677

Two more runs to go for each of the twenty cars.
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And the fastest six second round runs...

Jane - 0.636
Bill - 0.662
Jerome - 0.674
Iain - 0.679
Jeremy - 0.685
Sue - 0.697

One more round to go...
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Here is the Micro Scalextric Street Stock Qualifying result...


Congratulations to Jane on another Street Stock TQ Thumbup 

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At last...I'm off the bottom of the qualifying times!!!

I love puttering with gears
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Auto World NHRA Top Fuel Match Racing - Round One

Noah and Dylan were back for another round of their long-running Top Fuel showdown...


Not as close a battle as last summer, Dylan's Alanabi dragster seems to have the upper hand over the winter. He won the first run by 0.213 seconds - a 1.035 to a 1.243 for Noah's Optima machine. Let's see if Noah's crew can find some more horsepower overnight.


Clive and Alan were both losers back in November - they gave us an exciting first run, with Clive's white Matco Top Fueler beating the Al's Garage dragster to the line by a mere 0.021 seconds. The ETs were 0.735 and 0.748, Alan finishing very strongly at 7.284 mph.


The final match in round one was between Rebecca and Andy. After a close start, Andy's FRAM machine stretched it's legs to win by 0.079 seconds - 0.723 to 0.802.

Round two will start the action tomorrow.

Next up we have Micro Scalextric Super Stock Qualifying - followed by the eliminators around 8pm.
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That first round of the Super Stock 6.0 qualifying was fast!

The top six so far...
Rebecca - 0.475
Alan - 0.477
Hank - 0.490
Andy Pl - 0.497
Iain - 0.505
Jeremy - 0.507
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Best times from Round Two...

Rebecca - 0.472
Alan - 0.490
Hank - 0.498
Iain - 0.502
Jeremy - 0.511
Dave - 0.512
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These are the Super Stock 6.0 qualifying results...


Congratulations to Rebecca on her second Super Stock 6.0 TQ Thumbup 


We'll be back around 8pm tonight with the Super Stock eliminators
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Micro Scalextric Super Stock 6.0 Eliminators - Round One


Top qualifier Rebecca dispatched Andy Phillips' amazing Mini in the first race - the ETs 0.475 to 0.749 for a winning margin of 0.295 seconds.

The second race between sixth and seventh qualifiers would be closer...


Dave's yellow stocker led from start to finish, crossing the line 0.027 ahead of Andy's Nissan - Dave dipping below half a second at 0.497 to Andy's 0.530.

Dropping down to the second half of the ladder, second qualifier Alan met second-to-last Clive...


Clive's Nissan had much more pace, but Alan was through 0.063 seconds quicker - 0.483 to 0.541.


It looked like Bill was going to cause a small upset in the fourth race - but Jeremy's Nissan powered through the line to win by 0.019 seconds. The ETs were 0.513 and 0.533.


Iain's Nissan beat Al's Ford by 0.057 - 0.516 to 0.555.


And Hank got past Jane with a fast finish to win by 0.045 seconds - 0.500 to 0.546.
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