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Question ninco digital chip

hallo ben net nieuw hier.
zie dat er handige mensen zijn.

iemand heeft ook een universele chip gemaakt.
die ook op ninco digital kan worden gebruikt.

Welkom. Wavegreen

Ik spreek geen nederlands

aaa opsie  Bigsmile Bigsmile

hello am just new here.
 see that there are handy people. 
 someone also made a universal chip. 
which can also be used on ninco digital.

Hi fireman  Wavegreen

The Type C universal chip is compatible with oXigen, Scalextric Digital and Carrera Digital. A change of firmware is required to switch between each system.

Scorpius announced in June 2020 that the future Scorpius Generation II decoder will be automatically compatible with Scorpius, oXigen, Scalextric, Carrera, SCX Advance and Ninco N-Digital. The chip has not been released yet - and I've yet to see an explanation of how the chip will work with the SCX Advance and Ninco systems, which are very different from the other four in terms of lane-changing and lap counting.

There are no other universal chip that I know of.

Early Scorpius Generation 1 car decoders are Ninco and Scalextric compatible if you find some. However it does require tue Scorpius controller

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