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List of 2019 My First and Micro Scalextric "Second-Generation" Sets & Cars


A very common question is what Micro Scalextric and My First Scalextric products are in the new 2019-onward 9-volt "Second Generation" range. It is an important question, as the new system is not compatible with the older 1994 Scalextric Micro MR1 and 1995-2018 Micro Scalextric ranges. This is what the new track and cars look like...


All the cars and all the sets run at 9-volts, so there are no compatibility problems between mains and battery-powered sets - as was the case with the previous systems.

Here's what I hope is that comprehensive list Micro Scalextric fans are after, which I will add new products to...

2019 sets (all mains-powered)
G1150 - My First Scalextric (red Sci-Fi supercar vs yellow Sci-Fi supercar)
G1140 - My First Scalextric Looney Tunes (Daffy Duck vs Bugs Bunny)
G1143 - Micro Scalextric Justice League (Superman vs Batman)
G1142 - Micro Scalextric Wacky Races (Mean Machine vs Turbo Terrific)
G1149 - Micro Scalextric Law Enforcer (Police SUV vs red & silver Sci-Fi supercar)
Aldi exclusive - Micro Scalextric City Collision (red vs green Sci-Fi supercar)
Lidl exclusive - Micro Scalextric Rocket Raiders (red Rocket Raider vs white Rocket Raider)
Lidl exclusive - Micro Scalextric Arctic Assault (white Sci-Fi SUV vs blue Sci-Fi SUV)

2019 & 2020 individual cars
G2164 - Looney Tunes Road Runner car
G2165 - Looney Tunes Wile E. Coyote car
G2166 - Wacky Races Penelope Pitstop car
G2167 - Justice League Superman car
G2168 - Justice League Wonder Woman car
G2169 - Justice League The Flash car
2020 sets
G1141 - My First Scalextric Looney Tunes Battery Powered Set (Daffy Duck vs Bugs Bunny)
G1151 - Micro Scalextric Justice League Batman vs Superman (Battery powered) - US exclusive
G1154 - My First Scalextric  Battery Powered Set (red Sci-Fi supercar vs yellow Sci-Fi supercar)
G1155 - Micro Scalextric Batman vs Joker (Battery powered)
G1160 - Micro Scalextric Ryan's Street Chase (Battery powered) - Rasio (Dark Titan Racer) vs Police SUV (Ryan's Patrol Car)
G1161 - Micro Scalextric James Bond - No Time To Die (Battery powered) - silver Aston Martin DB5 vs black Jaguar XF
Aldi exclusive - Micro Scalextric Hot Pursuit (Mains powered) - Rasio vs Police SUV
There are also four Micro Scalextric Accessory Packs in the 2020 Scalextric catalogue:
G8043 - Micro Scalextric Mains Powered Track Piece (UK only)
G8045 - Micro Scalextric Track Extension Pack - Straights & Curves
G8046 - Micro Scalextric Track Extension Pack - Stunt Loop
G8047 - Micro Scalextric Spare Guide Pack (8 guides and braids, plus one screw)
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