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HO Drag Proxy 8-9 December RACE REPORT

Micro Scalextric Street Stock Round One

We're getting used to this 20-car field - twelve in the top half of the ladder and eight in the bottom. If all goes to form, top qualifier should meet second qualifier in the final. But that rarely happens...


First to race were Jeff and Jeremy - top and bottom qualifiers. Jeremy won't be unhappy with his ET of 0.805 and losing margin of only 0.108 seconds... However, Jeff's crew will be concerned by a slow run of 0.705 - we'll have to see if the strip is running slower today than in qualifying.


Father and son met in the second race - Jerome beating his dad by 0.045 seconds, for a minor upset on their qualifying order. Both were well short of their best times yesterday.


Jane was quick - 0.001 off her qualifying time - to beat Al's Veyron by 0.137 seconds. Jane two more rounds to get through before she can test Jeff's Audi R8 - and seek revenge for last month's final defeat.


Rebecca's Porsche clocked exactly 0.700 seconds to beat David by 0.064. She'll need to find another 0.050 to worry Jane in Round Two.


Bill's stocker was the second car to go sub-0.700 and beat Doug's Nissan by 0.102 seconds.


The final race of the top part of the ladder saw an incredibly exciting three-quarters of a second. Hank qualified seven places ahead of Sue, but an appalling start left him with plenty to do... Sue crossed the line 0.003 seconds ahead to give her a huge holeshot win - her ET 0.722 to Hank's 0.702. That gave us a genuine shock in the first round.


Second qualifier Clive started the second half of the ladder with a fairly routine win over Dylan. Having said that, the youngster's Ford Focus had a sensational start and Clive's Audi had to pedal hard to catch and pass - the winning margin of 0.074 tells nothing of the drama witnessed by the crowd. Clive's ET of 0.694 was nothing to write home about.


Dave and Noah gave us another race to remember. The American stocker had a slightly better start and that 0.005 second difference was all there was at the finish line - identical ETs of 0.734, but Dave wins it with that holeshot. Tough luck for Noah.


Fifth qualifier Laura had an iffy start and gifted Andy a substantial lead. There was no eleven-place upset - the Aston DBR9 got going and crossed the line 0.024 seconds ahead. A bit too close to call for the former Street Stock winner.


That just left Alan and Iain. The Street Stock spec Jags Jag got off the line really quick, but then topped out by half distance. Alan's Audi R8 cruised past, winning by 0.072 seconds and with an impressive ET of 0.679 - third best of the first round.

Here are all the stats for those first round races...


The quickest car through the speed trap was Pete's Audi TT - but thanks to his son, he's already packed up and waiting for the transport back to Worthing...
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Round Two

No byes in this round - just five straight heads-up eliminator races...


Jeff's Audi still didn't sound like it was firing on all ten cylinders - a 0.700 was enough to beat Jerome by 0.043 of a second, but their were plenty of furrowed brows back in the pit area. Jeff would have a bye in the next round, which would give the crew some breathing space to work some magic.


Jane faced Rebecca in the next race. Jane's Nissan beat the Porsche by 0.045 seconds, the ETs 0.669 to 0.713.


No surprises between Bill and Sue - the T-Jet and 4-Gear winner got down the strip 0.054 seconds quicker than the former Street Stock finalist. Their ETs were 0.687 and 0.741. Bill would meet Jane in round three to decide who challenged Jeff in the semis.


Clive and Dave both posted faster ETs than the first round - Clive winning it by 0.044 seconds with a 0.684.


The closest second round race was between Laura and Alan - the fifth and sixth place qualifiers. Laura started well this time, but Alan's Audi edged ahead to win by 0.022 seconds - Alan's ET 0.685. Of the five remaining racers, only top qualifier Jeff had failed to break 0.700 seconds today.
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Round Three & Semis

Jeff had a bye in round three. He did run and clocked a morale-boosting 0.669.


Jane and Bill served up a huge slice of excitement in their third round race. Bill got a marginally better start and they looked almost level in the closing stages... The screen showed Jane with a 0.008 advantage at the sensors - her ET 0.656 to Bill's 0.662. Jane would face Jeff in the semi-final.


First, Clive and Alan would fight it out for a place in the final - the winner would have a bye in the next round. It was another incredibly tight run - it looked pretty level-pegging until Alan just edged a tiny gap at the end. The winning margin was 0.014 and the sixth qualifier had dumped out the second seed. Their ETs 0.683 to 0.704.


Jane had the chance for revenge in the semi final - but had Jeff rediscovered his qualifying speed? The answer was no - Jane put in another super-consistent 0.650 second run and Jeff was left 0.020 behind - his ET a disappointing 0.674. The top qualifier and last month's winner was out. Jane would meet Alan in the final.

To ramp up the tension, Alan chose to complete a solo run - he improved his best time to 0.676...
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Micro Scalextric Street Stock Final


Both Jane and Alan are previous Street Stock winners and they know how to get the job done. It was a very even start...


And then this is how it looked...

It was a 0.030 second gap at the finish line...



Congratulations to Jane on a record fourth Street Stock win!


Here's the full Street Stock ladder...


And all the stats from Round Two through to the final...


That's it for this month - hope you've enjoyed it. There's been plenty of exciting racing, excellent wins and lots of work to do on those cars before next time...
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Wrench great stuff again Andy, I think that is the first time that Laura and I have gone head to head. 

Good run by Jane Checkeredflag it looks like I need to find a little more speed from somewhere  Time .

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Well done Jane a great win. We will all have to do some tuning to get ready for the next event.
Terrific coverage as usual Andy, and thanks for putting on these meetings.
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Thanks for running the event again Andy. Jane says she is 'amazed and delighted' and would like to thank her nobody tell her where her mechanic's car finished!

You have attracted a beautiful bunch of cars there!

I love puttering with gears
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Boxes have been posted First Class this morning - so should be arriving back by the weekend.

South Coast HO Dragster will be published in the next 24 hours. Fingers-crossed!
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Better late than never, I guess... Here's the December issue of South Coast HO Dragster to download and enjoy

.pdf SC Dragster #7.pdf Size: 4.51 MB  Downloads: 48
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That was some great racing!  Certainly enjoyed the coverage.   The South Coast HO Dragster was top notch as usual.  Checkeredflag

Thank you for the honor of being included in the Best of Show threesome.  All of them were very well done. I can see why it would be hard to pick just one.
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