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SCP-2 Controller - Analogue

(1st-Jan-21, 05:37 PM)BourneAgainRacer Wrote:  The slight good news with this is that in the "Common positive (negative wiring)" configuration, the LED that indicates the trigger in fully closed (green) or fully open (red), was working, so the trigger position is being recognised.

Hi. I'm going to check out this coming week.
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Many thanks!

I have also responded to your email with some photos of my wiring installation in case the problem is me!

I love puttering with gears

No immediate solution found, so I have returned the 'Home' cartridge and gone 'Metal'

I love puttering with gears

And as a final point of information, it became apparent when I put the new metal cartridge in the handle that I had damaged some of the components in the handle. I blew up two power supplies just by pulling the trigger! I am no expert on the topic, so the solution for me was to put that handle away in the garage and buy a replacement...job done.

However, as the months passed by, I slowly began to feel this was a waste of something that contained a lot of embedded energy, both in the use of processed materials and the efforts of the people at to give us enjoyment. So I sent an email admitting full responsibility for damaging the controller and asking if they undertook repairs. Yes they do. So off it went with a full explanation of what I had done to it. And a couple of days ago a package arrived back from Italy containing a fully functioning SCP2.

So I now have slightly more SCPs than I need, but zero waste.

I love puttering with gears

Glad you got this all sorted out.
Now that you have a spare handset, you might consider trying oxigen digital racing.

I have 2 SCP2s.
One is permanently set up with a metal cartridge for club racing.
One is permanently set up with the oxigen digital. 

I take both to DiSCA events and have a spare oxigen cartridge just in case we have any kind of problems with the handset. 
(We have never had any problems with the handsets) 

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So I actually have 3 SCPs metal analogue, and two oXigen.

I am doing the DiSCA race at Derby tomorrow and am taking both O2 controllers to see if Gary has time to update the firmware in both if needed.

I love puttering with gears
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Gary might appreciate anyone with an Android device willing to help. He has only iOS, and stuff just works better on Android.
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(26th-Dec-20, 11:11 AM)Nonfractal Wrote:  I found this PDF on the slot it website.

If I am reading this right, the SCP home analog cartridges come in 2 variants to suit the different track schemes.
2 options:
- convert your track wiring to suit the scp2 
- order the scp cartridge to suit the scalextric scheme.

If you want your cars and controllers to be useable at a club  rewiring your track is the better option.
Flipping  your analog cars' guide wiring would work to fix the direction of travel, but there are drawbacks.
- all visitor cars to your track would go in the wrong direction.
- the guide self centring on some cars would be messed-up (Even if the wires are long enough to be able to swap them over )

There is a SCP cartridge,  the 201BC that has a jumper to remove. (J1)
This being a new controller, you might be lucky and have that cartridge.
Can you tell which you have? 

Alan W
Hi Alan,
this is really interesting to read, I ordered a TruSpeed BP II for my Scalextric Sport track and unfortunately Steve sent a digital one and not analogue.
I'm itching to use it as the scalextric ones are rubbish but am waiting patiently as I had to send it back.

Why are they wired differently? surely clubs started from enthusiasts and would of originally had scalextric tracks.
Is there some type of advantage being wired differently?

Sorry if this has already been answered.

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Whereas things in houses are switched via the live side (most probably for safety reasons), in industrial devices they are frequently switched via the neutral/ground side, as it is more reliable and probably cheaper too.
Slot racing was started by enthusiasts before the manufacturers joined in.
As to why Scalextric chose "industrial" rather than "house" style wiring, who knows? But it's been a pain in the neck ever since.

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