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Posting photos 2. How?

How do you rotate pics on posts? I upload portrait and they come out landscape... 

Ah, not this one... 

But this one!

I love gears 

We normally leave rotating pictures to Gordon.   Rofl Rofl Rofl 

But basically you need to make sure they are the right way round before you upload them. I know they might look the right way round on your device, but they're not really, it's only because of a bit of code which a lot of forums and websites don't recognise.

How you fix that is device and software dependent but a quick search should tell you.
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A key aspect is to make sure that you hold the phone/camera the same way around each time you take a photograph. It depends upon the device and how old it is. The simple solution is to do some test shots and work out which way to orientate the device.


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Yeah, the micro scalextric car is portrait on my 2 year old phone, but I get it that the phone might be compensating, especially as I was almost holding the phone flat when I took it.

I love gears 

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