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Posting photos 2. How?

Lots of photos being posted.


The one good thing about SCF was the change to being able to load photos direct from my PC.

Seems here we need to use a host again?

No, direct upload just the same. Bottom of reply box, add attachment, find your photo and follow the prompts. Don't forget final step - insert into post.

They will appear at less than full size so pages load more quickly, just click on them to see full size.
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Ah! Same for adding an avatar or signature icon?

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Darn. That was supposed to be a test - and now Full Edit won't remove it  Tappingfoot

Oh well .... this is keeping me amused anyway  Rofl

There is a problem with removing attachments which I can't seem to fix. Still trying but we might have to live with it.

You can change your avatar in your User CP.

Thanks but I think I'll quit while I'm ahead.

I can add photos, which is what I wanted - and now I'm aware you can't remove them I'll be careful.

Good job it was slot car related and not something else, eh!

Avatars and signatures will have to wait for another day, as it seems it wants URL's or HTTP's for images there. Others have managed, so it's just me  Banghead

Hello TopDown,
Just in case you need to replace a picture file...
I fell foul of not being able to remove a file so I worked around the snag by naming the file I actually wanted to have the identical name as the wrong one and then used "Update File" to replace the file. I then renamed my local copy to what it was originally.

I noticed that personal messages want a URL also and found that simply prefixing the URL with  [img]  and suffixing with [/img] worked. 


Forum Precepts:  Don't hijack or divert topics - create a new one.   Don't feed the Troll.

Thanks for the tip on changing an unwanted but undeletable image. 

I was sort of coming round to that way of thinking - but very slowly - so some pace added to the acquisition of knowledge  Thumbup

Not an obvious process to my iT challenged mind but I have an avatar now too. 
Progress!  Wrench

Signature next .....

Hi Leo, I know your post is a bit old now, back in April but this thread might be of assistance:
Info How to remove photos from your posts

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