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S-Can/Short Can Motors

Pip - Pendles sell these, for £5.95 each. I haven't tried them yet, but they do look perfect - the shaft is nice and long so will get the pinion to the crown on almost all the Scalextric FF cars. It will certainly need cutting to fit the saloons and probably most other cars. But you don't have to worry about it not being long enough.

These are the ones I got. They arrived quite quickly (2 weeks?) from Shenzhen back in January. I've bought a few motors from the vendor (hello_alian) and he lists them precisely and is very receptive to haggling for bulk buys - £1 each works for me. The shaft sticks out 9.4mm, which will need trimming down for most cars.

The best way to cut the shaft is to power up the motor and then cut using a dremel + cutting disk. Do it fast, wear eye protection and don't burn your fingers Thumbup
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(20th-Nov-20, 01:16 PM)BourneAgainRacer Wrote:  Just getting into motors...

I noticed that Pendle have separate categories for S-Can and Short Can motors.

I can see that S-Cans perhaps all have a separate plastic end bell, whereas Short Can motors seem to be enclosed within a metal case. But I cannot believe there are separate categories just based on the design of the case.

Are there fundamental differences between these two motor types?
They are completely different motors and are not interchangeable without adaptors. The most common types of modern motors are FC-130 (S-can),FK-130 (Short Can) and FK 180 (long can). They all come in many RPM and different torque ratings for your individual wants/needs. If you go back a few years there are many other types, most of which are no longer produced
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Hi Andy,

Excellent,  thank you for your help, much appreciated.  Sun

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