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Tyres for scenery

Hello all,
Just recently I needed some spare tyres for a scenic project and wanted them to resemble 1:1 tyres rather than slot-car tyres as such. Managed to find a product on Ebay from manufacturer "Kids Globe" in their "Farming" range.  It is intended to represent a farm silage clamp cover and includes a black plastic sheet and 50 tyres.  I paid 9.99 GBP including shipping.  

Overall diameter: 21mm, Centre hole diameter: 10mm, Width:
Fairly nice tread pattern.




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Hi Leo,

Are these your Lancia team's M&S tyres for the Monte?
They look good

rallyhub Thumbup
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Stacks of those would look great surrounding the track.

Nice find.  Thumbup

What do you mean think outside the box? Where did you even get a box? Where's my box?

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