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1932 Ford "B" Roadster Hotrod

My dad owned an all original 1931 Ford for a few years. I thought sitting in the rumble seat was hilarious. We used the car to go for ice cream on a sunny Sunday afternoon. There was no such thing as seat belts.

The main difference between a 31 and a 32 was the availability of a flathead V8. Another difference was, the sheet metal at the edge of the doors on a 1931 overlapped the body upon closing. The 1932 cars were upgraded to the type of body seams (shut lines) we're all used to seeing now.

I made this car in my dad's honour. He passed away last year at age 86.

This typical 32-Ford Hotrod started out with a Lifelike dollar store kit.


I'm going to start this off with an apology. This was one of my first builds. It has many mistakes. The main one being that I didn't realize the track width limitations before staring this car. The body is too wide to fit between the rear wheels so I had to jack the back of the car up much higher than desired. It exposes the chassis too much.

But on the bright side. The only rules in our club for the Hotrod class is wheel size (14x5), track width (52mm), and motor (BWMS 050 - 14k slimline slow motor). Anything else goes.

I made the chassis with a specific goal in mind. All the other Hotrods in our club have the guide exposed and sticking way out in front of the body. I plan to hide the guide so it looks like it isn't even there. That meant putting it behind the front axle (ouch). Winning races was obviously a secondary thought.


The colour of my dad's car was a simple red. I chose to experiment on this Hotrod with a base-coat/clear-coat candy apple red. I sprayed the chassis as a test in base gold followed by clear red.


Looks good enough to try on the body.


A 2mm Molotow chrome pen did wonders on the front grill! Truly an impressive invention.


The parts are coming together.


The roof is just sitting in place for the photo. I didn't want it there for the race.


I had to use a dremel to hollow out behind the front grill in order to get full movement from the guide. The distance from the guide to the grill is barely thick enough for a thin sheet of paper. It could not be closer. But the guide is almost completely hidden. Mission accomplished.


My father was a tall man with black hair. There he is behind the wheel in car #29. He's already won a few races.  Thumbup


Thank you very kindly for looking.
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That looks great.  Nothing wrong with that at all.   What a great tribute.

Thank you very kindly, RustySS.

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