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SCX MGA '1955 Le Mans'

SCX U10318 "MG A 1955 Le Mans". Available now. RRP £39.95

SCX - Scalextric España - have served up another November treat: the release of an updated version of their MG MGA. The model is of one of three MG EX 182 prototypes entered into the 1955 Le Mans 24 hour race. These prototypes were very close to the first production version of the MGA, unveiled later in the year at the Frankfurt Motor Show. The #41 car modelled by SCX was driven to twelfth place overall at Le Mans by Ken Miles and John Lockett...


The entire event was overshadowed by the worst tragedy in motorsport history - the accident that took the lives of 83 spectators and driver Pierre Levegh. The race continued and Dick Jacobs - driver of the #42 MG prototype - nearly lost his life in a separate accident just after Levegh's crash. Thankfully, Jacobs survived his near-fatal chest injuries and had the unsettling experience of reading his obituary in the Evening Standard newspaper. He never raced again, but went on to become a successful private entrant of MGs.

Despite the lasting trauma of the race for the sport and for all those involved, MG continued developing the MGA for competition and it was a common sight for the next decade in most forms of motorsport around the world - even appearing at some Nascar Grand National races in the early '60s!


The SCX model has been reworked on top and underneath from previous 'pre-relaunch' versions. The cockpit and windscreen are the aerodynamic Le Mans type, with the third headlight recessed into the driver's side of the radiator grille. The only glaring omissions are a lack of bonnets fixing straps and the slim air intake at the top of the bonnet. With a brown helmet, the driver is presumably meant to be Ken Miles - he does need a pair of goggles though!

As with all the SCX 'relaunch' models, the chassis has been modified to take the new closed-can motor and has stub axles at the front to give room for the digital Advance module. The MG is currently available only in the analogue 'Original' range, but can be converted to digital 'Advance' using one of the two conversion modules - presumably the smaller 'Type A' version.

The SCX U10318 "MG A 1955 Le Mans" is available in the UK now and should be reaching retailers over the next few days. RRP is £39.95.
[+] 2 members Like woodcote's post

Just received mine looks great and runs very well, but why no spinners on the front wheels?
[+] 1 member Likes GT Sprite's post

Looks very nice indeed.  Checkeredflag

Don't shoot me but... The first thing I would do is replace the plastic chassis with a scratch chassis and drop the body a bit. The second thing would be to install spinners on the front wheels.  Thumbup
[+] 2 members Like KensRedZed's post

Yep, that front wheel things is to do with the new stub axles - it's the same on the Fulvia and Alpine, but nowhere near as glaring as with the MG...

Pendles will be one place to look - they have the Mitoos Borrani spinners and a pack of 2 & 3 prong versions by PCS.

Would love to see what you'd do to this car Ken Thumbup
[+] 1 member Likes woodcote's post

Front axle stubs? It's a front motor drive car?

All new releases that look this nice deserve their time as premium cars.  Thumbup

The release of this car means scratch builders also having something to look forward to down the road after everyone beats them up a little.  Wrench
[+] 1 member Likes KensRedZed's post

The stub axles are to make the new ‘post-relaunch’ cars easy to convert to the SCX Advance digital system. A big digital module clips into place where the full axle would normally be. That also puts the kibosh on the old SCX all-wheel-drive set-up.

Mines on order, can't wait.  It should make a good platform for performance mods.
[+] 1 member Likes 73emgee's post

Thank you very kindly, Andy. I look forward to these showing up in Canada. Eh?  Thumbup
[+] 1 member Likes KensRedZed's post

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