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Morris J Van

(26th-Nov-20, 07:13 PM)Gordon Steadman Wrote:  
(25th-Nov-20, 11:04 PM)JasonB Wrote:  You're a good man, I've always felt that. I hope things work out for you.

I reckon what's left of your brain will probably do better than what's left of my brain.

Not sure how to respond to that!! But thank you.

How about this livery?


Not you, the livery.

Still nibbling away at it. Some obvious cleaning up still required.

Not sure about how much to include. As it will be cast, I suppose the headlamps should be left to the builder as they would be separate. I'm doing the small front sidelights but am not sure if I should include the back ones which would be under the rear bumpers.

Never made anything for moulding before so I don't know what is required.

It's looking fantastic Gordon. Thumbup

I'm not sure what's required either, I'm afraid. But I imagine it's best to keep it reasonably simple.

I think you're right about the head lamps, the attachment bar would be too thin to work as a cast. The front sidelights are integrated into the body, so I'm glad you're doing those. I think the rear lights we're attached to the chassis rather than the body, and they're not very prominent so I'm happy to leave that to your judgement.

Hello Gordon,
You are doing a great job on the bodywork, headlamps and such will be do-able by us who watch in amazement at your rapid progress.

Cheers,  Leo

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Probably about there. Not by any means perfect but certainly to the stage where the resin will clean up OK.
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What a little cracker ,a fantastic job  Wrench Wrench
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Fabulous work. Thumbup Thumbup Thumbup Thumbup Thumbup Thumbup

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