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Rally-Sprint Proxy Event Jan-Feb 2021 - Info & Sign-up

Hi Folks,
Great to be a participant in this new event, certainly different from the Wye Valley one, setting up my 2nd hand Scalex WRC Subaru was interesting after using the higher spec models for the previous event.I originally bought the Scalextric  Audi Quattro E2 thinking to fit a 3D chassis, however luckily I never got round to it, and I just love the  appearance of this  model. I wanted an excuse to fit lights to a car, so the Clio seemed appropitate for this, just hope they are still working .
Good luck everyone,
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Out of curiosity, do the cars get a pace lap or two to see how they handle etc before the timed run or is it straight to business with the first turn of the wheels being against the clock?
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Yes, they do get a lap or two to judge the speed & handling. Having learned the track with my 'course car' (the SCX Fiat 124 on Stage 1), it was surprisingly easy to dial-in to each car. If a driver crashes the car on the first corner of the timed run, we restart. And we are aiming for zero crashes, rather than driving flat out at 100%.
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