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The site appears to be loading fine for me with zero issues. A suggestion perhaps is for everyone to clear their browser cache/history, reboot and try again. Clearing browser cache will allow the browser to download the new site data which is what we want.

Australian Slot Car Group (ASCG)
[url=]Australian Slot Car Group (ASCG) - all things Slot Cars[/url]

NSW Slot Car Group (NSWSCG)
[url=]NSW Slot Car Group (NSWSCG)[/url]

Thanks Johnno.

Clearing caches shouldn't really be necessary. All the new stuff, apart from the home page, has a new address, as theyre all php pages now, so they'll all end .php not .html. I'm adding redirects on all the old html pages, so hopefully if people have bookmarks or links anywhere, they will be taken to the corresponding new page.

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