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Slot Magazine #42 - Nov/Dec 2020


It is good to see Slot Magazine back in WH Smiths shops after the difficulties of lockdown. The latest November/December edition is available now, priced £5.50.

This is what you can find in issue 42...

4 NEWS & NEW PRODUCTS: What is happening in the Slot magazine world. News, announcements, and interesting slot gossip. Plus see the new cars that are in the shops since the last issue of Slot magazine. We look at brand new models coming your way

10 READER RIDES: This is our regular look at what you have been up to. Why don’t you - Show us yours!

12 COLLECTING THE GT40: This must be the race car that’s been manufactured as a slot car more than any other. In part 1 we look at models produced in period up 1970.

22 NEW GT3 CAR FROM SLOT.IT: Tired of the same old GT3 offerings like the Porsche 997 or Audi R8? Well here’s something a little different to shake up the GT3 grid from - a Maserati.

28 REWIND 50 YEARS! Making up 1/32nd scale Riko Competition kits was part of youth and my early love of this hobby. Can I do it any better all these years on?

34 WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN OUR OLD FRIEND, SCX? While the Spanish company reentered the market during 2019, we have had to wait some time for new models, well here are two of their latest offerings available soon.

40 MORE NSR MCLAREN MP4/4’S: While we brought you a review of the new Formula 86/89 F1 cars from NSR a couple of issues back, here is contributor Mark Hatton’s take on turning them into classic McLarens.

44 PAINT YOUR WAGON? Well no, actually - paint your track instead. We show you the whys andwherefores of doing such a strange thing.

50 SCALEXTRIC CONVERSION: We take a swap meet bargain, add modern running gear and plug a big hole in a collection of Porsche 917’s.

54 INFORMATION, INFORMATION, INFORMATION: Has the internet replaced books as  our main source of research?

64 SLOT CALENDAR: If you want to race or have a look around a swapmeet, there is probably an event nearby you won’t want to miss. Send in your event details if you want to be included

65 SLOT DIRECTORY: Find the retailers and specialist services you need for all your slot racing shopping

66 PASSING SHOT: Show us your work!

Slot Magazine is published by Doolittle Media and is available from Pendle Slot Racing, WH Smiths and other online vendors priced £5.50. An ebook version costs £3.99 and is available from
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