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Jaguar XJR-14

Hello to all readers!!!

The Jaguar XJR-14 for me personally, is one of the two meanest Group C cars ever build.
The other one is the Toyota TS010.
As only one of these two only exist as a 1/32 slotcar model (injection molded I mean).
I had to go with the Jaguar XJR-14 for this little inbetween project.


As allways in slotracing, I wanted to try something different again to use in a slot event/race.
This time it would be for a Slotit Group C race at our local club.

I assume opinions are very different when it comes to the Group C racing class,
some people have found it to become very boring and old, others still prefer it.
But whenever a good 1/1 Classic Meeting comes along (let's say the SPA-Classic),
These Group C beast will allways give me goosebumps, that pure sound!!!

As Slotit covers the most Group C cars is still IMO quitte amazing,
but I wanted to use something different as stated before.



The body was found quickly, the older SCX SRS2 range had just the thing I was looking for.
The dimensions were very similar to the any Slotit Group C car.

Width : 63mm.
Lenght : 154mm.
Height : 33,5mm.

Body Weight : 29gr.  (allready glued in the slotit "SICH57B" Chassis-to-body kit)

A bit heavy yes, but this gave me a mission on how to drop the weight without actually using any tool to thin the body out,
and to get as close to the required min. 21gr. body weight (club regulations).
The only thing that was removed from the body were the 4 SRS body clips that hold the body and chassis together.
As this was done quickly, their were only 3 other loose body parts I had to work with, being:
* Interior
* Windowunit
* Rear spoiler

For that last piece on the list I turned to Steven (SV workz), and asked If he would design a 3D model to get printed.
As the original SCX rear spoiler weight about +/- 5gr.,  the 3DP model was only about +/-2gr.
That saves about +/-3gr. less weight hanging behind the rear wheels, which will definitely improve handling.

For the ohter 2 pieces on the list, Only one thing could be done with it, "Lexan".
The interior needed to be adjusted a tiny bit, as the motor was a bit more to the front now when using a Slotit HRS Inline chassis.
But that is only a minor adjusment, which I'm working on as we speak.
After this has been done, it's time to get some vacformed parts, hoping this will drop the bodyweight as close to the 21gr. or lower!


As allready written above, the chassis will be a stock slotit HRS inline chassis with all the mechanical parts of a regular Slotit Group C car.
Nothing fancy this time, I did use the Slotit "SICH57B" chassis to body kit, as this will give the option that the body can move/float a bit.
Instead of using the original delivered mouting pins that come with the HRS chassis.



That's about it for now, more to come soon on this little project.
Thank you for reading!

Kind Regards Tom
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Some very cool modifications, Tom.  Thumbup

We race group-C in our club here in Toronto too. Rules are box-stock except for wheels/tires/braid.

We have several scratch built classes where anything goes. That's where we can stretch our legs a bit.

What do you mean think outside the box? Where did you even get a box? Where's my box?

That rear spoiler is a monster of a thing!

I love puttering with gears

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