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HO Drag Proxy Summer Series 2020 Finale 2020 RACE REPORT

Yo Andy and fellow contestants.
Firstly, huge thanks to Andy, Rebecca and Rose for time and effort put in to run this great series. A superb innovation in the UK which has captured the minds of so many entrants including our cousins from North America.

Secondly big thanks to all who have participated and entered cars with such good natured competitiveness.  This is my first venture into HO/Micro and am pleased to have only been beaten by tenths of a second (naive people up here don't know that is about 10 or 20 percent!).
Really nice to see the cars looking great and like proper drag-race cars. Another first for me is to have decorated a slot car with flames!
Congratulations to the top runners.

Best regards, Leo #staysafe

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Thanks for all the kind comments - especially from those who have taken part in proxy events before, it's good to know it worked for you!

South Coast HO Dragster is still on schedule for publication this weekend... just a few things to finish and tidy up this afternoon.

Most boxes are on their way. It's just the Chesterfield container that needs packing up now. Looks like the American cars will be staying, ready for the start of the Winter Series in November.
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Andy, you deserve the praise as it takes a great deal of work to put these events on, especially with the health and safety cat keeping an eye on the proceedings Rofl
Already getting cars ready for the next series. Thumbup
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The October issue of the South Coast HO Dragster fanzine can be downloaded here...
.pdf South Coast HO Dragster #5 October 2020.pdf Size: 5.77 MB  Downloads: 249

That pretty wraps up the Summer Series, including the unveiling of the car that was voted 'Best in Series'. Expect more about the Winter Series in the next week or so.
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(2nd-Oct-20, 05:13 PM)alpink Wrote:  Andy, great job running these races.
it is a lot of work, but I know you like it enough to enjoy the parts that you can.
congrats everyone, I have enjoyed being part of your racing and seeing all the great cars.
I hope it is OK for Hanks cars and my cars to join the Winter series just as they are.
I might send some cars for the other classes too.
I need a little more info on the newer style Micro Scalextric cars and maybe some help obtaining a couple.
thank you all
Along with Al, I enjoyed participating in your event and following the coverage. It’s impressive that you have several ladies actively involved, and doing quite well!

If permissible,  I too would like to join you in some of the other classes.  Would you be so kind as to post a link to your rules for the winter series?

Not sure what to do about my stocker.  It started off pretty well, but is falling off, after each run.   A round trip across the pond, for a tune up could take quite a bit of time.  Don’t want to miss any of the action.
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Hiya Bill. It has been great to have your cars in the races!

There is a full summary of the Winter Series regs in the fanzine (above), but I will be starting a new Winter Series thread here in the next few days. 

4-Gears and T-Jets will be running to the NTRA ‘Pancake Stock’ rules with one exception - cars should be fitted with braids on the shoes.

The Micro Scalextric Street Stock, Super Stocker and Nostalgia 2019 (with the new 9 volt chassis) will run to bespoke rules. I’ll jot these down later.
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2019 Flash Micro Scalextric car arrived yesterday.  Took a couple of quick trips down the strip.  Much faster than my older MS cars.  Now find a suitable body for it.
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After spending the Summer Season in the Deep South, pounding the asphalt at Rock County Raceway’s Proxy Meetings, the Chesterfield Crew’s team were packed into their box trailers ready for the long haul north. 


They got their motor running, headed for the highway. They’d had enough adventure, so were headed our way. The fans were going to make it happen; exploding as they pulled into space - made ready by the Crew Chief's place.

The team arrived with a lot of paperwork to process though – sponsorship forms, race plaques, decals, stickers, details of a 1:1 meeting. Luckily the shippers had the foresight to provide souvenir writing implements to help with it all though.


Once the pen-pushers were satisfied the pit crew got to work, giving the machinery a quick once-over before confirming all had weathered the strip well. Only thing they could ‘pickup’ on was a strange addition to the running gear on some cars. Nothing to upbraid the drivers about though, as the cars had all sailed through the tech’ inspection by the RCR officials.


Thanks to the MC Andy, Rebecca the judge and not forgetting Rose the scrutineer, who made sure there was only the briefest paws before the racing could get under way.

Thanks to all, sponsors, organisers and competitors alike for putting on a great event and taking such good care of all the entries.
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