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HO Drag Proxy Summer Series 2020 Finale 2020 RACE REPORT

Nostalgia Funny Car 4-Gear

Top qualifier Andy had a bye in the first round - clocking 0.832 on a solo run - and left the other four racers to battle over those second round places.


David's King Fish 'Cuda and Rebecca's Bounty Huntress Mustang have been the cars to beat in match racing this summer, but neither of them impressed during qualifying. Rebecca's car had regained some pace today and defeated David by 0.138 seconds, the ETs 0.830 to 0.962.


Doug's Blue Max Mustang required a full engine rebuild after a disastrous qualifying session. His Ford was also back on the pace, surprising Clive's 'Cuda by 0.076 seconds - 0.813 to 0.892. That gave Doug a bye in the second round (he ran a very rapid 0.797) and his next appearance would be in the final.


Just the one second round race saw Rebecca hold off a fast-charging Pontiac to beat Andy by 0.025 seconds - Rebecca 0.818 and Andy 0.842.

That gave us the two Mustangs - the two flops of qualifying - racing each other for the first Nostalgia Funny Car medal...


The blue Mustang edged it off the line...


And Doug just couldn't shake off Rebecca's orange Shirley Muldowney car...


However, Rebecca's challenge faded in the final stages and Doug won the race to the line by 0.031 seconds - a 0.804 ET to Rebecca's 0.833. A huge turn up for the books after a miserable qualifying!

Congratulations to Doug on his first medal of the Summer Series...


Here's the ladder...


And here are the stats...

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Match Racing Round One

Four match races today - three of them with 3-Gear AFX pancake chassis and AW Xtractions, one with modified Harden Creek Tycos.

First up, Alan in the Bill 'Grumpy' Jenkins Chevy took on Andy's 'Dandy' Dick Landy Dodge Challenger - both new additions to the AutoWorld 'Legends of the Quarter Mile' range...


Alan won the first round by a comfortable 0.180 seconds - with a 0.702 second run and 8.283 mph, that Chevy is quick! Just out of the packet, the Challenger managed a 0.874 and 6.159 mph.


Noah and Dylan raced the Chesterfield Corvettes - Noah the car with red flames, Dylan the stars and stripes. It was the stars and stripes that got to the finish line first - the winning margin 0.058. Dylans' ET was 0.870 (7.231 mph) and Noah's 0.930 (5.682). These cars were running without braids and were nice and smooth.


Doug's cherry red Austin took on David's 'Back to Future' 48 Ford in another eye-catching match. Round One went to the Ford by 0.058 seconds, 0.899 to 0.945.


Finally, Andy dug out an old WHO Tyco dragster to take on Clive's exhibition car. Both were on 3.5 ohm Harden Creek-style Tyco chassis - Clive's with neo traction magnets and a hard body, Andy's with ceramic magnets, a lexan body and no braids...


Andy took the first round by 0.086 seconds - a 0.508 to Clive's 0.597 and 9.773 to 6.917 mph.
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Thanks must go to the Dearborn engineers for their unstinting efforts burning the midnight oil to get BOTH flopper-bodied Mustangs rebuilt in time for todays Nostalgia Funny Car run and providing us with a VERY tight final.  Thumbup

Thank you!
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Nostalgia T-Jet Super Stock

There's no doubt about it, the eleven car T-Jet field is getting stronger. Alan's awesome top qualifying Anglia had a bye in the first round and ran a 0.715.


Noah and Al put on a fabulous show with their Willys Gassers. Al had by far the better start, but Noah's car has a bit more pace than earlier in the summer... He closed in on the purple Willys and passed it on the line. The winning margin an incredibly tight 0.003 seconds! That means Noah is through to the second round to meet Alan.


Andy's Dodge Super Stock lined-up against Iain's wonderful Chevy Gasser, but this one wasn't close - Andy beating Iain by 0.139 seconds with a quick 0.766 to Iain's 0.904.


Dylan beat Doug off the line and had an early lead before the green Ford rocketed through to a 0.109 second win. What did we expect?

The first round was wrapped up with routine wins for Clive - 0.150 over Rebecca - and Gareth - taking a 0.057 win over fifth-place qualifier David. A mild shock, but not quite a giant-killing.

The three Round Two races began with Alan clocking 0.699 and beating Noah by 0.161...


Andy's normally metronomic Dodge had an awful start against Doug's Ford. Doug completely nailed the run, winning by 0.130 seconds and clocking a 0.741 - look out Alan!


Finally, Clive's Thunderbolt saw off Gareth's Impala - a 0.125 second win and a 0.744 second run, which puts T-Jet champion Clive straight through to the final.


The one third round race saw Doug take on Alan...


Neither car has traction magnets and it was Doug who got the better start. Alan clawed back to level pegging and seemed to have it, before Doug came back again. It was too close to call. A look at the screen and it was Alan - by 0.007 of a second! Alan nearly lost it on the reaction time - a 0.013 second difference - despite his ET being 0.020 quicker.

That gave us the top two qualifiers in the final...


Alan got another horrendous start - his reaction time 0.028 seconds slower...


But the speed of the Anglia soon kicked in and the sizeable gap disappeared...


Alan was through the line and he certainly hit the catch box first... But did he pass Clive before the line?


The all-important information on the screen was a 0.009 second win for Clive - a huge holeshot win. Clive's ET of 0.727 was a full 0.019 of a second slower than Alan's - but it was all about the start... Clive got to the finish first.

This is how it looked...

Congratulations to Clive on making it five out of five for the Series...


Here is the full ladder...


And the stats...


There will be a short break and then more match racing about 7.45pm.
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As Dick Dastardly would say "Drat and double Drat" congrats Clive I thought I might just pip you on this one. 

More work to do before the winter series.

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I have been amazed just how quick the Thunderbolt is.The car is completely stock out of the box with Supertires fitted. 
That was tough luck Alan. Your Anglia is very fast, on a longer strip you would have had it.
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Ditto the Green Ford. Stock apart from unknown rear 'tires'. It so very nearly made the finals. 7/1000ths! Well done Alan - and Clive for the Finals win.  Checkeredflag
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congrats Doug and Clive.
Andy, there have been some really close races and you are doing a spectacular job describing.
enjoying these races!
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Match Racing Round Two

The second round of matches started with another routine win for Alan's Bill Jenkins Camaro against Andy's Dick Landy Dodge - in the battle of the Auto World 1970 Legends Pro Stockers...


Alan posted a 0.704 and Andy a 0.892. That's a 2-0 win for Grumpy's Toy.

The Corvettes were next and they dished up an incredibly close race...


Dylan's stars and Stripes Corvette won, but by only 0.002 of a second! His ET was 0.927, Noah's 0.928 - so close to squaring the match. Dylan caught and passed Noah right on the line. So that's a 2-0 win for Dylan in their final match-race of the Summer Series.

David had a few problems getting off the line last time. He'd won, but wanted to get the most out of his Ford. A little shoe tweak and...


David posted a rapid 0.795 to beat Doug's Austin by 0.195 - Doug clocking a 0.972. Result: 2-0 to David.

Last, but not least, we had the two Tycos...


Clive got a flier off the line and Andy's car stuttered a little. Clive went through the finish line in 0.523 seconds and 9.358 mph to beat Andy by 0.46 and level the match.

The Tycos will have a decider after the Top Fuel Final.

While we're waiting for the Top Fuelers to warm up, here's a chance to see some exhibition runs from four Chesterfield cars that haven't competed in the Summer Series...


Doug can tell you all about them...



A very big thank you to Doug for sending such a lovely variety of cars down south in May. We didn't know whether the races would work or how many cars there would be. The Chesterfield box gave lots of options for me and hopefully plenty of fun for Doug, David, Noah and Dylan over the past few months.
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Apologies, we're running a little behind schedule. Top Fuel coming up about 9.45-ish...
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